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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, December 12, 2010

OH Christmas Tree, Mountians, and Computers

Well its up. It wasn't that hard. I just hated the mess that it creates as you are getting things out.  However that is done and cleaned up. Got the front closet cleaned also. So it's good.
Having a better day in the sunshine, still sleeping a lot, but hopefully that will get a little better as time goes on.
My daughter Spring, is a computer geek. Admittedly I must add. anything to do with Mac she can fix, program, what ever. Any way today her extra appendage bit the dust. In a manner of speaking, she needs a new key board.  Easily fixed just not on Sunday. Even if she could fix it today we wouldn't because it is Sunday.  When the incident happened I was afraid I would have to get up and leave the room,but she handled it very well.  sSo I stayed. She needs it for her class and all her lesson plans are on it. Just a matter of getting it fixed.  I have a brand new Mac book.  I don't share well.
 Mountains are so beautiful. the Valley is surrounded with the most beautiful colors. I love living here. We have only lived here 5 yrs but it feels like home now.
Going to my sewing room to see what I can do.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fibro Funk

I am already having a problem with the overcast gloomy days. There has been an Inversion in the Valley for the last week and because we live so close to the lake there has been a lot of lake effect weather.
It all effects the fibromyalgia. Right now my hands and eyes are the worst.
Our son got the call for his school. Not what any of us was hoping for. We knew that he may not get the area we all wanted right off the bat. He told us this may happen but he can still request a new area after he gets to the academy.  6 months is a long time to be away from his family. I can't stand for my daughter in law to be in Texas with no family.  We want her to come up here and stay with us, she has Type1 Diabetes and really needs to be with someone. She is pron to reactions where her blood sugar drops so low she is passed out. This is very dangerous because of the kids. They are all under 10 yr old.
If anyone has any ideas please pass them on.  I am going to worry myself over this.
Sorry for the rambling. Just thinking out loud

Thursday, December 9, 2010


This summer's creation.  The Contractors are every MALE in our family.
Our Guys are Eddie: Husband to me. Dad, and PaPa.  Adam: Husband to Sarah, Son, Dad to Lucas, Aiden, Tobias, Laney (she is a girl, Princess in the making she was the real boss)and Jake,Son, Uncle.
Eddie was the driving force. When he starts a job he gives it all the GUSTO he's got. Working until the job is done Adam was never really the Mr. Fix It type. when he was 11yr old he was so mad taking the trash out that at the door, as I opened it for him, with trash bag in hand he stopped and looked up at me and said " When I grow up I am going to pay someone to take out my trash and fix my house". To that I replied " Son, I hope you can".  Until he got married and then he confessed that he wished he had worked with his dad more. So over the phone from Salt Lake to Dallas via telephone his dad has taught him how to fix a a light socket to his car and beyond.  Needless to say he was going to show all of us he could do this. Jake even with a brain injury he is very mechanical. So he was game. The little boys, well they just wanted to hammer. They hammered, hammered, and then hammered some more at the end we had a lot of broken rocks.
The guys worked for three days strait, From sun up to sun down, a couple of times both the boys came in and said "The Old man is killing us he just keeps going"  It wasn't long, on the 3rd day it was finished. We all celebrated and the boys were in Heaven. The rest is in the trees.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pink Poodle Scarf SOOOOO Cute

The sun is out and its going to be 40*.  The sky is blue and the hens are clucking, a good day I think.

 I saw the cutest scarf on another blog ( She has so many cute ideas.

I  had in my Fabriholic collection some very soft pink swirly fabric. You know the kind that you could take your cloths off and just roll all over it.  Any way, I cut a strip about 10 inches wide and the lenghth is the width of the fabric about 54 inches. Next I went to the DI thrift store here and got the cutest pink poodle not to big and not to small. Cut her ( of course it is a girl). I cut her in half and removed the stuffing. I left just a little in her paws and nose so there was some form to her. Next I sewed the pink fabric right sides together down the side, turned the fabric and attached  the poodle to each end of scarf. Make sure that the the poodle or what ever stuffed animal you have faces the same way.  This took  about 30 min.  My daughter is going to give this scarf to a cute 17 yr old special needs student that she works with for Christmas. So easy and fun! Try it.  Cost about $3.00 to make.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What is Missing???

I wanted this blog to be happy and display the funny things that go on in our lives.  I also wanted to share my love for sewing, painting furniture, cooking and the frugal life we live.
I have been reading some of the Fibromyalgia  Blogs and I feel like it may be a very good out let for the the frustrations of the flare ups.  I will do my very best not to have a pity party for my self.

I have 3 siblings a brother and 2 sisters.  3 of us have Fibromyalgia, 3 of us have adrenal, thyroid, and Spinal Stenosis  severe of the lower back. 1 of us is Bi Polar and we all have depression. ( By the way I am not the one with Bi Polar) I was spared that.
The last month has been a FLARE UP one of the worst in the last year. While Fibro is ever present as some of you know.  It's gifts are not welcome.
I spend a lot of time alone.  My sweet hubby works 12 hour shifts which makes him unavailable  due to travel time and sleep. My daughter still lives at home. I don't know what I would do with out her. I don't want to be dependent on her. She teaches deaf children during the day and works several times a week with Special Needs children. She is very busy too. She takes care of our chickens, horses and dogs.  She and her Dad do everything in their power to make sure that I am OK.
We have two boys the youngest has a Brain Injury lives on his own does well, but sometimes is demanding of our attention. Our other son lives in Dallas a good 24 hour drive away. he is a Federal Agent and is married to the best daughter in law ever. 4 ultra smart beautiful children. His wife is a type 1 Diabetic since she was 5.
I have 4 tiny little Poms none weighing over 4# that are my constant companions. They never leave me, If I am in bed they are in bed, if I am in my sewing room they are there also. I have a big beautiful Standard Poodle she is 80# and is with me constantly keeping watch.
My husband has done everything he thinks will help me and keep me busy.  He bought me a big screen for our desk top computer, Ipod, Mac laptop, Cricket Cutter, tons of books on CD's,  Ipad . All I really want is to be able to function through a full day,a week, a month.  To be able to stand up long enough to cook and clean up, or walk through Walmart without needing a 4 hour nap.  What a mess. I don't know what to do. Go to the Doctor?  They dont know what to do.  What is MISSING?????

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cover Up

I have been trying to cover one of my sisters Benches for months. These are great benches that we got  free from a very posh hotel in downtown Salt Lake. These benches sat at the end of the beds in the suites.
At the time my sister's daughter worked there (my niece). So we each got several of the benches. Today was going to be the day for sure.  First she had to do a few errands. Ok so I got the stuff together that we were going to need.  My sweet hubby wanted to work on cleaning the furnace so I told him to go ahead that my sister was going to do errands so it might be a while.  She is a little unpredictable  in that department.  So he went up into the attic to work on the furnace.  Next project he had the stove all apart cleaning it. It looks like new.  Tried to call her no answer.  Finally we connect. I am on my way. The phone rings. Our oldest son stressed about something so I talked to him for a while. Called her to tell her I was on the way.  My hubby not feeling well now, sneezing, coughing stuffed up head. Great he has a cold, that he got from my brother-in-law. now it is time for dinner and hubby needs to lay down. So I fix dinner, I call my sister and say I'll be over. It's 6:pm. " No, No its to late."  she said.  It's 6 pm.   I m tired I'm going to bed.  It's true she goes to bed early because she gets up at 0: crack thirty.  Really! she never sleeps past 2 or 3 am. Then she is on the go again. "Lets do it tomorrow"  she said.  OK I hope we can. What time ?  Well I have to go to the Dentist at 9:30 and then stop at the ..........................................       I didn't want to anyway.  Some day I hope to get it done, and when I do I'll post a picture.  As for tomorrow I think I will cover my bench I got free from a very posh................    You know the rest.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apples, Apples Every Where

Today my sweet hubby and my brother in law went to pick apples from a woman he works with. I wanted to go but I tore a ligament in my foot and it hurts like a you know what. I have to be non weight baring. Oh joy!
So I stayed at my sisters house with her.  I love my sister she is so good to me. I sat in the recliner with my foot up, we had a little tea party Yummy Hummas and crackers and some really good Herb Tea. Watching design shows, reading magazines, talking and laughing. Then a nap. A great Sunday afternoon.
Finally after 3 hours the gentelman returned.  With about 200# of beautiful Red crisp apples. Now we have our work cut out for us.  We are the preserving type of people we can every fall.
This is going yo be a lot of work what on earth are we going to do? Well I guess I'll find out what my hubby has in mind.  More tomorrow

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween with Greyson or Running with a Dinosaur

Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  Then I really don't have a favorite holiday.  As a matter of fact, I don't like holidays at all.  That's another post all together.

Since our grandchildren live in Texas we don't get to see them at this time of year.  My niece and her husband live here and their little two and a half year old.  And since my sister and brother in law had a prior commitment [Gi-Gi and Pa-Pa], I decided to stand in.

When the rain stopped, ( I think my niece was praying it wouldn't), and she was able to catch Greyson she wrestled him down and put on his costume.  A very cute bright blue fuzzy Triceratops.  The hood was loose and slid forward over his eyes, his mom kept pulling it back and then he tried to hold his head back to keep it from going over his eyes again every time this was repeated he would hold his head up and say "I see Cwowds".  He was running and skipping and us, trying to hold on to him was a challenge.  I was laughing so hard I was having a hard time staying dry and it wasn't raining.  My niece was kicking herself for not bring the child leash, the restraint of choice for his sweet little very active boy.

By the time he hit the second house, he had it down pat.  Tumbling up and down the stairs to each $350,00. 00 homes, knocking on the door and saying, "Trick or Treat", and "thank you", still not having full use of his sight.  Then when I thought I could not laugh any more and the stopping, twisting my legs together to keep from springing a leak was becoming a real test of lower ab strength, I started to have my own sight issues from his hysterical antics.  He began to figure out he was funny.  But then his tiny hand would slip into mine and he would say, "Come on  Susie, almost there".

The highlight of his collecting sugar fill treats was when someone gave him a lunch size bag of Lay's Potato Chips.  He was totally in awe with the bag of chips.

This was truly the best Halloween I have had in years.

I was going to post pictures, but they were all a blue blur.  I would rather keep photos in my guarded file protected in my mind.  So someday when I am old and sitting in chair at the nursing home, I can play it over and over all for my self.  Maybe next year when he is older.  I guess that DEPENDS.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Kid's say the darnedest things.  My Grand Children Have so many little wheels in their little heads going all the time. Not only are they smart, they are funny. Darn funny. We can't help but laugh with them. Or at them.  Any way they are a hoot.
While visiting this summer we attended church. They go to the same church where they live. The boys went to Primary. They know what to expect because it is the same here as it is in there home town, They had no trouble going in and sitting down with there age group class.
The Children were practicing for there presentation in Sacrament meeting, So the youngest boy (4) wanted to participate even though they would not be here for the program. Of course the teachers let him. So he goes up to the front and speaks the part they gave him. The teacher started to lead him away back to his seat.  He was not ready to go. He decided to show off. He grabbed the microphone and yelled "HELP ME JESUS HELP ME"
Of course all of the other children laughed and so did the teachers.  That was it! the class was out of control. After Primary they brought him to us and related the EVENT.
My son and my daughter in law were beside themselves apologizing all over and to every adult present. Finally the President of the Primary came over to them and put her hand on their shoulders. She said" Please Don't Worry It was boring in here any way".  We all laughed.  Kids say the darnedest things.  Don't they???

A few weeks later they were at home and were at church the same 4 year old was listening intently to the story.
When the story was done and the songs were sung the final prayer was said and everyone was ready to get out of their seats...... He stood up on a chair raised his hands and said  "Guy's Guy's Jesus Is The Messiah Jesus Is The Messiah  Is'ent That Great ??????   Out of the mouths of babes. He just might make a great missionary. Kids say the darnedest things.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

At The End Of The Rainbow

"Some where over the rainbow". Well I have never seen any thing "Over the Rainbow"  I have however seen the End of a Rainbow. For real!!.
We lived in North Dakota For 9 cold years. We had many great experiences there. Experiences that we would not have had, had we not lived there. The Rainbow Experience as I like to refer to it was one of the best I think?
It was late spring and it had been raining most of the week. Out on our little 10 acre hobby farm it was quite dismal. About the time my husband came home from work the clouds began to break. I went to the door to meet him and over his shoulder I saw a rainbow it was beautiful it had at least 6 colors. Then another appeared it was bigger the colors were broader more vibrant. They stayed, we kept watching them and the colors only got brighter. My husband was not standing beside me any longer he was gone to the barn. He had saddled up the horses and called to me " Come on we are going to see the end of the Rainbow. He brought my horse over to the front porch. (That's were I usually mounted her). Off we went about a mile into the Field across the road.
There it was the end. I stopped my mare and stared. It really was the end of the Rainbow. I walked my horse  into the colored vapors that slowly enveloped us. It was like a dream. It was the finest droplets of water and they had color. My husband was just as memorize as I was. We just sat on our mounts and took it all in, for what felt like hours. The horses were perfectly still. There ears back listening, their eyes were like gold coins and their manes sparkled. As the beauty around us began to disburse we slowly became aware of our surroundings.  The horses dipped their heads to the grass below. I walked my steed over to the end of the Rainbow, the magic had all but disappeared. Just a glimmer of color remained on the field under the hooves of my horse. THERE WAS NO POT OF GOLD TO BE FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All that was left was a wonderful memory or was it a dream? we will never forget.
 I guess it could have been a Barbie think?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Son Of A Nutcracker

First of all the Zucchini Bread was fabulous!!!!!!!

I know that what I am about to right to write could be thought of as a Pitty Party for myself. It also could be so much worse. I know there are people in peril all over the world,natural disasters,starvation,war and war and governments that are corrupt and misleading there people,or killing them or breaking promise's. The list can go on. Truly I pray for all of this on a daily basis.
Now we get to my teeny tiny dot on no map part of the universe.
Every day is a new shall we say for the sake of language "Adventure". So here we go.
Sat: My sister calls" meet me at the furniture store they have a sale to beat all sales"  so we go. There are mobs of people, Its like a Circus, if you stop to look at something someone runs into you or steps on your heals. Daughter: " Walk faster these people are up my --- "  SON OF A NUT CRACKER that hurt..... Sister goes home empty furnitured. We go home to get the truck???? How does that work?. It was such a good deal, really it was and It's leather too. Now we have to get hubby/daddy out of bed because he is working 12 hr shifts at the hospital and they are nights. Daughter goes to the bedroom window " Daddy wake up we have a surprise for you". Daddy, Daddy HEY WAKE UP. Poor guy he stumbles to the window " It better not be another animal" he say's (This is another story) Any way, Daughter:  It smells really good. You'll like it. He comes to look at it and realizes he has to carry them in or I should say The two of them in. "SON OF A NUT CRACKER". Daughter:" I'll take you out to dinner daddy" he goes back in to get dressed. "Son of a nut cracker"

Fri: Spent the day with my sister, got nothing I needed to accomplish done (she was happy she did)  I went home fed hubby nasty store bought fried chicken because I was gone all day riding around in a ScionXB that has the worst shocks on it in the world and a huge payment (glad it isen't ours) its nick name is JAMAL. I think it was a little later than a mid life crisis. He is off to work.  Sister calls again she is upset: " brother tried to kill himself (Again! he lives in another state 2,000 miles away).Lets go out to Olive Garden just the girls what do you say?" " Well, she came home from work sick Son OF A Nut Cracker Sister:did she throw up"?  " Yes but I think it's the antibiotics"  "Are you sure"? "Well I think so" Sister:" Ok lets go". My sister goes to the bar while we are waiting for a table and comes back with a soft drink for myself and daughter and a glass of wine for herself. We don't drink never have seriously. I don't get why people drink and it's against what we believe in. ( We live in Utah).
A few carbs and 4.5 glasses of wine later she is a hoot and needs help walking to the car. Call the brother-in- law " You better meet us at the drive way and help her in. SON OF A NUT CRACKER!
Daughter comes home from work sick. Stripping her cloths off as she walks through the house brushes her teeth throws herself on the bed. "What is wrong?"  Daughter: " I threw up"  " You threw up?"  " Yes mom I threw up"  "Well are you sick?"   "I threw up, I have chills I'm swetie, I threw up!!"  " Well did you throw up in your class room in front of the kids"  NO MOM I MADE IT TO THE BATHROOM".  Why am I asking these questions?  She is an adult if she say's she threw up she did. All though our family has a problem with throwing up we try to avoid it at all costs. We just don't care for it, sort of like a Phobia. I guess it would be called something like BARFAPHOBIA or GASTROIRRUPTIONAFOBIA,something along those lines. Oh wait I have it Barfaphobiapukemania. Thats how bad it is. All of us my kids, my sisters their kids our kids kids. Its Bad thats why we need all the details. WHEW!! I am so glad I figured that out it's a break threw. YES!!  Daughter: I think its the Antibiotics making me sick. SON OF A NUT CRACKER!! nothing to worry about.

Thur: Hubby and I are finishing canning Salsa. Kitchen is a mess the floor is sticky  yuk!. Daughter is in bed with her leg up. She stayed home from work.  And my Rock has to start a new 12 hr shift tonight so its all up to me. I have to feed him frozen pizza because the its just to messy to do any thing else. He's gone. Daughter: I cant stand this I have to get out Lets go to B&N" "But look at the kitchen"  Daughter: "We'll clean it up when we get home".I do love to go to B&N so "OK"
SO $ 40.56 later and that was just magazines, we are home. I can't face the kitchen. Daughter: I'm going to try to go to work tomorrow I'm going to bed". AHH Yah!  I'm up till 3AM cleaning the kitchen. " Son of a NUTCRACKER!!!

Wed:  We are Canning Salsa every thing is from our garden and a friends garden it smells wonderful in the house. Hmm.. does Sentcey Have a Cilantro Bar? I love the smell. have to hurry Hubby has to go to work for 4 hours.  He has to grab dinner at the hospital  He comes home at midnight and cans 14.5 quarts if Salas and makes an Apple Cake that is to die for. I'm in bed. He is not good at cleaning the kitchen. But he Cans. I guess this was rather uneventful day.

Tue: Hubby's last day off this week. We are trying to get some things done before he has to work again.  Daughter comes home from work after a day at the State Fair with the 5/6 graders (Who are Deaf). " Look at my leg its hot and twice the size" I look at her leg "Son of a Nutcracker what happened"?.  her leg is swollen all the way up to her knee, not twice the size it is so swollen that it is red hot tight and has little blisters all over the calf. Greattttttttt! her dad looks at it. " I think it is Cellulitus But we'll have to go to the ER to have it treated and documented. I can't see any bites  but this is serious. The Wonder Pets go through my head.
Ok lets go.  Now we have to drive down to Salt Lake to the U of U because that's were my husband works and there is no other hospital worthy.  No Dinner grab a nasty Mcdouble and a diet on the way down. Yeah!
We walk into the ER the place is full I mean full. But they take her right in and someone else looks at the now Tree Trunk hanging from her body. Its confirmed Cellulitius  Get meds go home. Gee its only 8:30 pm how did we manage that?. Now what do we do?  My hubby just looks at me and smiles. Are you kidding me? How about a movie? Son Of A Nut C R A C K E R!. OK. He has a Booboo kitty face.

Mon: Hubby is off its a beautiful day. We do a few errands, he mows the lawn. I am trying to finish the Valance I am making for a friend. I am also finishing a bookcase that we painted so I can get it back to her.
Forget the Valance I am taking back the bookcase tonight and I'll finish the sewing later. So we load it up in the truck. Daughter: "I have to help  her with her computer anyway" Great  this is not going to be just a drop and go." Son of a Nut Cracker". They have a lovely back yard. So we sit on the patio. Her grandchildren are there they are so adorable makes me really miss ours.  It is getting dusky and the mosquitos are on the prowl.
We go inside for a few minutes and then leave. After we get home Daughter: I am all bit up I don't useually get bit" They must have been Rouge Mosiqueto's  because they love me and I didn't have a bite anywhere.

And that's where it all started....... Son Of A Nut Cracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zucchini Any One ?

Our Family Loooves  ZUCCHINI ! really.  We cook it with everything. We even just eat it boiled with salt on it.
We freeze it For the winter to have in soups too. Its sort of like Forest Gump and his Shrimp. We got fried zucchini, boiled zucchini, stuffed zucchini, lasagna zucchini, chicken& zucchini, steak&zucchini, zucchini alfrado, zucchini pickles, zucchini relish, zucchini meat loaf, zucchini& ramon, zucchini salsa, zucchini ravioli and the list goes on and on. There is a lot you can do with it. You just need some imagination. Of course if you have a lot of it you have to be sure to keep your car doors locked at church or you will end up with donations of the secret kind.
One thing that we have never done is baked with it. So today we are doing the traditional bread and right now it is in the oven and it smells really good. I hope its not a waste of precious zucchini. I will have to let you know.
Tonight I am making Corn Tostadas with cheese, tomatoes,bell peppers, and zucchini on it they are yummy.Just put it all on top of the tostada and Top with cheese and a little garlic salt place in the pan you can use veg spray if you want don't put a lid in the if you want the corn tostada to be crispy.
I was at B&N and saw a book titled The Zucchini Houdini, if any one is intrested.
Untill next time.

Some Of Past Projects (ALL Sold)

Here a few of our projects that we have done for people Feed Back is welcome.

Friday, August 27, 2010

WHAT THE FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was going to be a peaceful Thursday evening. My sweet hubby was back on his shift (12 hr 7pm-7am).
I was just going to lay on the bed and watch T.V. it was going to be so relaxing..............................
Suddenly  "MOM MOM I have nothing to wear to work tomorrow what am I going to do??? ". GRRREat I have already been sewing for her for the last week but thats ok I enjoy it. So I get up and go into my favorite room to sew. I am working on the project and I can't keep my eyes open my head actually bobbed at the sewing machine. I looked at the clock it was 6:40 pm. My husband had already been gone for an hour. It was early my favorite shows were not even on yet. I tried but I just could not sit there. I told my daughter I was sorry  but I had to lay down. I went in took a shower and put all my little dogs on the bed and crawled in. It was so comfy. I was gone.
I always sleep with the T.V. on when my husband works nights, don't know why I just do. Goodness knows no one would dare come into this house with 3 huge poodles waiting to help them carry and load any thing they wanted.
I woke to an awful noise the dogs went crazy, I had to clear my head so I could figure out what the February was going on. I looked at the clock it was 1AM . The noise change and got louder. I got out of bed and went out into the hall. I still was groggy the dogs would not quiet . I found myself yelling " SHUT UP DOGS SHUT UP!!!!!! Finally after my own out burst I was aware enough to see that a piece of card stock paper had been caught in a fan that got left on outside my daughters bedroom door. At the same time she got up and said"What is wrong with those dogs and why are you yelling?'' (The noise is now louder) " There is something caught in the fan" I said  She stumbles out to the hall and takes care of the fan clearing it out, goes to the bathroom then returns to bed. The 3 poodles and I just stand there. Next thing I know the dogs are gone back to bed, I'm alone and WIDE AWAKE! That's why I am writing this now. I guess I'll go watch Infomercials. YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Sewing Room

This is my sewing room where I spend all most all of my time. I love the feeling in here. My daughter and her friends love to sit in here with me too. Oh and My Great Big 80# Poodle too she likes to look out the window from my Desk. "Isla GET DOWN!!!"

We Just Re- Decorated This Room In Our Little Bungalow

This is a small bedroom in our Bungalow that we used for an office. Total cost for this room was $92.50 Thank Goodness we have the DI here. I find all kinds of great deals there. I always find Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger,
Laura Ashley,are just a few designers we have run across.
Break down of room.
1. Curtains--- Ralph Lauren brand new $ 5.00
2. Pillows-- $6.00
3. Day Bed from Ikea by way of Garage Sale  including mattress $20.00
4. Comforter DI $5.00
5. Window $14.00 ( I had all of the stuff to Shabby it)
6. Shabby Metal Lace over the window $9.00
7. Crystal Lamps (Got them out of the trash, They are Czech Crystal) $00.00
8. Birds Nest Dish, Enameled Colander, Cover for side table $4.50
9. Rug used and cleaned 10.00
10. 2 gal of Color Place Paint $29.00

Apron Frills, Sundresses, Pillows are a few of our things.

Here are a couple of the Aprons we have made just a day ago. SOLD already. I would love comments and I will post more later.

Also a few other things that we offer A darling Cup Cake Sun Dress.

Some special Order Pillows

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We have been given Dominion over Animals. (pets)

Here in Utah we have a site where you can post free adds not like Craigslist more like a home town posting.
There is every category  you can think of. One is postings for animals for sale,free animals, lost animals,animals in shelters, etc..
I have to look at these adds. Why do I do this to myself?? My house is full of rescued animals. We have been doing this for 30 years. The thing that really ticks me off  is the excuses that people have for giving up there animals.  Some of these animals are 5,6,9,12 years old. People act like its Walmart and they are returning a product. The reasons are they don't have time, they are moving out of state, they are having a baby. Now don't get me wrong I know that the economy is BAD and I know people are loosing their homes. God forbid it could happen to any of us. I am referring to the selfish. The people that put no value on the animals life.
We moved here from North Dakota We had with us our 5 Pom's 3 Standard Poodles a litter of 9 Standard puppies. Oh yeah horse trailer with 2 mares and a BIRD!! I could have no more left them or given them away than I could have given up my children.
There are 309 free animals and 3,956 for sale (just dogs alone).
Please if you have a heart, adopt a dog or a cat. They have Spirits, feelings and needs and yes they will be in Heaven.
When Heavenly Father gave us dominion over animals he expected to care for them not abuse them. Be a dog or a cats voice. Take one in that no one wants no one has time for or has abused. Give it a life that Heavenly Father will take great joy in you for caring for those that don't have a voice. Please Help A Domestic Animal. You will be blessed. If you are thinking about doing this to your pet that gives you unconditional love, that looks at you with adoring eyes, that meets you at the door.... PLEASE think again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best Friends

I have the best friend. .My friend is always there when I need a shoulder,  My friend is always so supportive in all my eclectic ideas and projects and always there to help.  When I say "I have an idea" I know my friend cringes. My friend is always there to help. My friend is the BEST. 
38 years of unconditional love is a gift that you can't buy.  It is a magical combination, that can only be made in Heaven. A special gift that some how I was lucky enough to get.  I can say that I know what True love is. I owe that all to you. I love you forever.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fabric : This Is My Favorite Thing

 If I could write music about fabric I would. I LOVE IT!!  My dream is one day to design it.
When our son and his family were here visiting in June, my daughter-in-law and I stayed up most nights (all night) sewing.  She has a love for fabric like I do.  I looked at my HUNDREDS OF YARDS of fabric and descided to give her half of every thing. Thats ok I thought, its ok, really it will be fine. OK YOU CAN DO THIS really!  She is going to get it when you die, she'll take care of it. Your daughter can't even sew a stright line. Ok, get to it. I took each piece out and said would you like half of this? "oh yes" she said she grabed the Gingers and cut down the middle of the the fabric. We cut each piece of fabric. We did this yard after yard untill we had gone through the Fabric Kingdom inch by inch, "done" I said.  She was smiling. She look at the yardage and said "how am I going to get this all home?." Go get grocery bags" I said. She ran to the kitchen and came back with a handful. We began folding and stuffing each bag until it was all tied up in a huge but neat pile." Now what"? she asked. I had to think and think quick because my son dosen't understand Fabric, shhhhhhh.  "When we pack the van we will just shove it and stick it in all the tiny spaces" (I prayed). So we did.  My son started to opened his mouth and I just held one finger to my lips.  "When I get home, and I am putting it away, it will be just like Christmas. I suddenly imagined Judy Garland in Meet Me In St. Louis.  Till next visit.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Never in my life did I think I would wake up and wonder what the heck am I doing.
Kids are grown, grandchildren live out of town,dogs are getting old, I am not in controll.
Did you ever feel this way???
I have always been in control of something and now there is  N O T H I N G. Is it EMPTY NEST??
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  I just need some control of SOMETHING.
So I decided to start a little business. Tried it with a friend, that did not work for me. Imagine she was to bossie?
But I have this wonderful daughter and daughter in law who are sooo creative so we put our heads together and we have Shabby And Frills.

About Shabby and Frills

WE love to create here at Shabby and Frills. We have redesigned furniture,clothing and a little girls line that will blow your socks off!. We are getting our business off the ground temporarily  from 2 states.  But we can do it.
Yes we can!
Along the way we will share bits of our lives with all of you .
Soo stay tuned. The ride will begin shortly............