Always Making Something

Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine Decor

I have been making some Valentine Garland. One for a Valentine Apron Swap, One for our Dinning Room and one for my sister.  It was super easy and a lot of fun.
Always making some thing.........................

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Piggies, Piggies Everywhere!!

Oh yes I'm Lucky, I'm really lucky, this was my LUCKY DAY!!  No that is really not true. The truth is I have truly been blessed. I got to meet in person my swap partner from YOE at Yarnigras Swap Blog. Melinda Cornish was my partner and let me tell you she is Fabulous!! What a sweetie and she is so talented and I now have another new friend. I am so excited to have visited with her and get to know what a great person she is.  So go over to her Blog and see just how talented she really really is. Her Blog site is Her work is outstanding.  So let me share with you the beautiful works of art she made for the Swap.  The theme was pigs from story books. You know the one 3 little Pigs. Its Fantasy! I also want to thank our Swap Mama Val.  THANK YOU! and Melinda you are FABULOUS!!!!!! Have a look at the Goodies.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A little Push in the U Direction

This one is for my Grandchildren I made Pillow Cases for the boys to sleep on and dream of playing Football with the UTES  We bleed RED!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sewing Room Re-Do Again!!!!!

I think  the answer for my sewing room is to knock down a wall push it out about 6ft.  Since that will not happen, positively that won't happen.  My sweetie said maybe I need to down size, THANK YOU,BUT NO!!!  so we set out to re arrange and it worked. Yeah!! All of this because he got me a television for the wall. I am excited about that.  We have 2 local stations that have programs in the A.M. that feature local Bloggers  and their interests. When sweetie works nights I would have to go to the family room to view TV and I really like to sew and listen. It is or so it seems so to be larger well not really larger but more Organized yeah that' s it more organized.  Well what ever it is, it will have to do. It's all I have for now and I am HAPPY.  You know how it ends?  Always Making Something...............

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plans in the Making

I am working on the new look for my blog and all of the FUN things I have planned for this year. So hold on, we are going to have a real good time.
Remember  Always Making something .............................

Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is What I Have Been Working On TOTE

Having been sick for 2 weeks, this is all I have been working on . I only took me 2 hours.  a late, very late gift for my baby sister. 3/4 yard of each fabric and I used the stiffest iron on for between the layers for body.  Ribbon from a blanket I bought and vintage buttons for the scrap yo yo flowers.  The fabric I cut 17x17 and I just too a 1/12 inch triangle on the bottom of each corners to form the shape of the bag. SUPER SIMPLE


With all of this sneezing, aching, headache, not to mention loosing my voice and the coughing oh the coughing and trying not to tinkle myself, I did not post my resolutions. I really need to do this for myself so I am accountable.
1. I will always buy more fabric than I need.
2. I will share fabric with others.
3. I will attend fabaholics United (if I can find one.)
4. I will make many Aprons
5. I will swap
6. I will post
7. I will find away to grow my Blog  (Help)
8. I will redesign my Blog sight
9. I will give my cutting table to my daughter in law.
10. I will have give aways this year.
11. I will offer patterns I have designed.
12. I will redesign my family room with the help of other bloggers  (Please).
And there we have it Tah Dah.
These are  a few of my favorite things
Always making something........................................

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sick Of This!! AND IPADS ROCK!!

I have been sick since Christmas Eve, and I am sick of it!! Sore throat,stuffy nose, head ache, neck aches and its 50* outside no snow. Eddie is off of work today and I am still in bed.  This is Icky and I do not do Icky. (when I can control it)    boo hoo.
For some reason I felt better  yesterday so I worked on one of my projects almost done just have a little to finish.  Then I can Post.

THE IPAD IS FABULOUS AND WORTH THE MONEY.  I have had one for a few months and I liked it. Until my adult children got theirs for Christmas. It was the only thing we could think of to get each that they did not have. Any way our daughter (teacher and computer extraordinaire) figured out how to make phone call using the IPaD and not using Skype. When the Pad rings you answer it and see the caller. It's so cool. Like the Jetson's or Star Trek really neat.  So portable you can take it all over the house.   So last evening we got a tour of Adam and Sarah's new house in AZ  and we had snacks with Laney that she made in her Princess Kitchen. Pa Pa was the star of Laney's affection and he got some real goodies to share, Pizza,.chips,cupcakes and a spoon. When she saw I was ill she said Gammie soup you can't have the spoon that's Laney's spoon."  It really was fun. I love how she talks in the third person. The boys were not to interested Aiden made an appearance and Toby popped in to show his new Monkey. Luke I think was in his room for what ever reason. It made my day.
Always making something...........................