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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have been missing for a bit. Taking care of some stuff. will be back soon

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Story Of Rose

This is the Zombie I sent to my Partner It is "Rose" She was the Choir Conductor in Wonderland's  garden.  It
was a story that I felt would not get told because of the other characters were more in the lime light.

This Is The Story Of Rose from Alice In Wonderland’s Garden

Rose was the director of the Garden Chorus.
Rose led them in some beautiful melodies
 All of the other flowers loved her so.
Then the long dreaded Zombie Apocalypse found its way to Wonderland.
The rotting, fumbling Zombies massacred the Garden.  They stomped on all of the beautiful flowers.  Rose tried to hide from all of the mayhem but it didn’t matter where she hid. The Zombies sloughed the disease on to the garden.
Rose’s once beautiful red petals began to drain of all their crimson color.
Droplets of her color fell on her leaves like the dripping of blood, slowly leaving the dead.
The petals once so brilliantly colored turned to a pasty sickening pink.
Spiders put webs in her once ruby petals.
Rose looked at the garden of all her beloved friends. Lifelessly they lay in the disgusting
Swaller that was once as the garden of Wonderland

All of Roses friends, broken brown, green and twisted.
Was she all that was left of the most beautiful ground covering in Wonderland?
“No, No it can’t be true”, she silently wailed.  It was true!
Alice, the White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, everyone, anyone in Wonderland
TURNED, succumbed to the dreadful undead.
                                    That day, the music died.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013



I love this time of year Zombies here Zombies there Zombies, Zombies every where.
Oh Wonderland. What happened?  Yarnigras Swapper Spot.
My partner this year is Little Messy Missy. I have swapped with her before. She is also very talented.
The most fun is we are in the same Zip Code. Missy left my Zombie on the front porch. When my daughter went to work she brought it in and put it on the dinning room table. Then she called me and told me there was a visitor at the table.  So I crept out and there she was The best little Zombie ever with the best Coffin I ever got.  So Far...........
She made Alice and all the little elements she put together. FABULOUS

Here is the Zombie I sent my partner Its on the way............
Next Up Voo Doo Pin Cushions  Whahooo!


I have to start way back in July With the Bunting Swap only Malinda C and I did the swap and it was fun.
This is not a GOOD picture by any stretch, really does not do it justic it so cute.
Melinda made it out of jeans so creative

Next I have the F R I E N D S  Swap that was put together by Khristina McCarthy from sewprimskhris.blogspot .com  This was a fun swap also. The swap was to make a new friend and I did with Donna C in California.  Hi Donna!. Here is what she sent me.
Such lovely useful things. Fat Q bundle in pink,
darling pink buttons, Satin Pins.Quilt Journal and pattern, sewing machine needles, pink trim. and some lovely Tea soooo yummy. Thank You Donna.

Next is the Flirty Apron Swap.  3 Things You Would Like. This was a fun one too.  Here is what Ruth sent to me.  Lots of Fat Q so pretty. Candles that smell Wonderful from one of her favorite places.
a QUILTING Magazine.  She made me the cutest Around Town Bag.  I love it because when I go somewhere my poor hubby has to carry my purse. This is great, I can just sling it one and take only what I need.  Thank You Ruth.

I love Swapping, It is so fun.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Here is a peek of the Zombie I made for my Partner.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This is Barbie and Tianna

this is my Family's First Annual Barbie Head Zombie contest.
All my sisters, daughter,nieces and the craftiest of them all daughter inlaw. We are making Zombies we each found a Barbie Head at the Thrift Store. Tianna was a bonus.  I think Barbie and the hands are already SCARY and ICKY.
Anyone have ideas let us know.  I think it will be fun.

Always Making Something..................................
Barbie your beautiful, someday I'll be as beautiful as beautiful, beautiful as she.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

What is Wrong With Me??

                             I almost forgot!  We have a new family member.
This is the newest member at the  MADD HOUSE He is a Royal Standard Poodle Parti Chocolate and white.  He 30 lnches at the wither and weighs 82# he is 2.5 yr old.  He was very well taken care of.  He is the sweetest most gentle boy ever! Just what I needed. No really. I wanted a BIG POODLE.  Yes I already have a BIG POODLE I just wanted a BIGGER POODLE.  My husband told me no more dogs. (hahahaha) He is as crazy as I am about Standards. They are like potato chips You can't have just one.   Isla has been sad since we lost Jack and now she is happy as long as he follows her rules and does what she tells him.
That kind of sounds like my Grand Daughter Laney Hmmmmmmmm  Any way he is here to stay. We Love him already.







Friday, August 23, 2013

You Never Know.........

This has been a hard week.  My sweet sister that I have taken care of since she was 2 yr old has not been well.  Just a few months after I had my  Spinal Fusion, she had a Cervical Fusion.   Her surgery was every bit as bad as mine. Painful, and long time to return to normal.  She never really regained herself.  She has felt worse and worse everyday to the point of not being able to get out of bed which is totally not her.  I asked her to go to the Doctor.
Now here is a sidebar.  We both suffer from Hashimoto's Disease.  Those of you that may nt know what it is I will give a brief description.  Hashimotto's is Thyroid Disease, But it  is more than Thyroiditis or Hypo - Hyper.   Hashimotto's Goiter or tumor or noduals that grow on the Thyroid gland.  This causes a multitude of problems. It is also considered an Auto-immune deasease and is responsible for manifesting other organs to falter. That is a short,  short explanation. If you are interested you may want to google it.
So on we go,  they did a biopsy of her Thyroid and ultrasound. She has had this done several times in her life.  The results were different this time.  It took 3 weeks for the results to come back.  They did come back. Stage 1 and 2 cancer.  Now the good news is it is 93% cure rate, and no Chemo or radiation. Just some Iodine with isotopes that will kill any cells that may get away.   The interesting thing is our brother's girl friend is a Cancer Research Doctor in St. Louis (That's home) at Barnes Hospital.
We emailed the results and she explained it to all of us.  So in the next 2 weeks she will have her Thyroid removed. I have FAITH that she will be fine.  The only thing I am worried about is she is still having trouble swallowing. I don't know what the days that follow will hold during her recovery. She has requested my SOUP from a blender and I will make her what ever she wants.
Life without a Thyroid is different for everyone.  I guess the best is yet to come. If yoou are so inclined to, please remeber her in your prayers. Heavenly Father will know who you are praying for.

Working on things for 3 Swaps.  Why do I do this to myself??????
Always Making Something................................................................................................
My daughter gave me some interesting advise that never occured to me. 
Pour out your heart in prayers. That it may be filled with love and hope.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fall The Best of Seasons

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  Back in St Louis (where we grew up and raised our kids) the fall was beautiful.   Millions of Oak Trees, Maple Trees.  The colors are so vibrant and walking on the leaves and acorns fabulous!
There are some wrights of passage that come with this season.  Like Fritz's Cinnamon Ice Cream, Roasted ears of corn at the Pumpkin Patch and Real German Brats. I miss home sometimes. That was a different chapter in our lives.
The comes October and Halloween so it's a holiday (not really) but my daughter in law loves to make costumes and they all co ordinate.  I leave that to her.  I on the other hand make the kids PJ'S for all  occasions.  So I bought the fabric for the Halloween.  So I thought I would share it with all of you.
Whatever is left over I will make a Table runner for their dinning table.

For the boys

For the Girls
For My Table

Always Making Something....................

Monday, July 22, 2013

Shake Off The Weekend And Make Something!!

So the weekend was kind of hard and I had my own little petty party.
To shake it off, I remade my BIG BEAUTIFUL POODLE, Isla.
I had this cute slightly larger than a lap quilt, that I picked up at the thrift store.
The bed is a PVC pipe and it is about 20 years old. It's from the show days, it is light and
easy to take with you so the dog can lounge between shows.
This will be this beds 4th make over.   So here goes the simple make over.
Step one the quilt
Cut the shape can you see the mistake?   I fixed it.
This is one happy POODLE
All 70# s  of her.  She got in bed and did not move.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heaven Opened The Windows Poured Down Blessings

It has been a long time coming a very long time.
We have a grand daughter that we have never met.  Because she was born in a different country, and   lived there for all most all of her life.  She has been in this country for a year or so.
There is so much paperwork.  The country that she lived in had no way to produce a paternity test. That was the first thing that was done.  Then there is the court for custody and child support.

Today my son got to rap his arms around his 13 yr old daughter. I am sorry that we missed it, but there are 3 states involved. We have all had a face time, phone relationship, we had parameters we stayed in with our son's permission.

She is Beautiful and kind and an only child until today.  Today she is the oldest child with 3 brothers and a little sister that will give her a RUN for the money.

The other 4 are excited to meet her.  I am afraid little sister will have green eyes when it comes to sharing Daddy.  I think that a Tea Party will help

Let the FUN begin................................  Thank You Heavenly Father.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


  We lost our 15 yr old Standard Poodle last week. We miss him so m
  R I P Jacky boy. You are loved and missed.  Till we meet again.
                                                       August 6,1998 to July 1, 2013
                                                                        "Just Jack"

Jack was a great friend his father won Best in Breed at Westminster 2 times Jack was never shown because of his tail set. He lived a life of leisure and passed on with dignity and Grace.


Most people look at me strangely when I say that Fraze.  My whole family used it the growing up and my daughter in law and my sisters all say it.  We all grew up in the Mid West may be it is a term that is more commonly used in that part of the country. When we lived in North Dakota Minot more specifically, the people said" Oh for cute or Oh for Funny, Uffta and don't ya know"  Anyway that is not at all what This Post is about, So I will get right to it.

Sitting on the back patio at dusk Sunday evening suddenly there was a lot of scurrying about the lower yard and the chicken coop. The girls had all ready put themseves to roost for the night.  We stood up and took a closer look and EWW, YUCK RATS!! I have never seen a rat in my 59 years even on the farm in North Dakota or when we had a barn and horses in West Point near the Great Salt Lake. Never, never, never ever.  I was almost weak in the knees. Now we live right in the center of town. Hubby got out the BB gun that the boys must have had growing up. That was a disaster almost like "The Christmas Story".  The shot gun would have gotten him arrested. although our son killed a raccoon on the front porch when we lived in WP right by the lake. Not a neighbor noticed.  A 38 cal Ah NO! might kill someone in the next neighborhood. This is where it comes in "Oh for cry'n Pete"  What next.  So I made an executive decision.  Here goes. We had been talking about replacing the Hens because they were almost 3 and not laying very well, and hubby wanted to re construct the coop.  So we bought an air rifle and gave the hens to a friend that just wanted to enjoy them.
Tonight my hubby went all "Si Robertson" on us. He was out laying on the patio that is about 2ft off the ground, with the night vision scope waiting for the rodent dance to begin. Now I always tease him and tell him he is a perpetual 12 yr old.  Well He Is!  running around the yard trying to see what the best angle would be. BUT when he said he was going on the roof to shoot rats down the yard all I could see was a SWAT Truck out in front of the house with men in black and big florescent Yellow letters on their backs, vests and helmets and Automatic weapons.   I took the gun away.
I let his adrenalin drain while eating a sugar free Popsicle, orange not red.  Then we made another plan. Tomorrow we will fill the holes with rat pellets and steel wool.   Oh and no more playing Army in the yard with a high power air gun.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Visits Come and Visits Go

The AZ K's were here for two weeks.  We always love it when the kids come they are so much fun.
We did a few things with them. We took a day trip and they swam in a lake,went to the happiest place on earth. (For Sarah and I) the D I. the kids love it too. Of Course we went to the show to see "Despicable Me 2" we all had a good time. I could not wait for it to be over. SHHHHH I don't want anyone to know.
The 4th was Grand we went to my sister  Lisa's house too much good food.  They had the best surprise dor the kids.  My brother in law had gotten each of the kids a bag full of Fire Works.
The boys were thrilled and Laney too. It was the best display ever.  Every neighbor put on an aerial display it went on for hours.
Two weeks is not really a long time, but the time came for them to pack the  Van and go back To YUMA.  12 hr trip and they will be home. Most of the trip is in the desert.
Scares me a little for it to be just Sarah and the kids.  Before they left we had a prayer.
Daddy was so happy to get his family back.  He gave us a call to let us know they made back home safely Oh and by the way the kids are full of LICE AGAIN!!  I totally tried not to loose my mind I was ready to scream and set the house on FIRE. My husband calmed me down while we looked like 2 Chimps going over each other.  Daddy swore it had to come from Utah. We had not a nit any where we still bagged everything up sprayed RID over the beds washed and washed.
It just so happened we had hair appointments the next day. The Hairdresser (Julie) looked us over good. She saw nothing no where no how.  We still are doing what the internet said to do.  They have been gone for 8 days and counting, so far so good.  I swear if I get one of those things on me I might have to go to the 5th floor at the U of U.  Oh, I was just informed they have them there too.

Never Mind.............................                                                                         My little Bugs

Monday, June 17, 2013

This is My Little Friend

This is my little friend April. We spend every waking and sleeping hour together.  sometimes I feel like I need Velcro to attach her to me, but I would not have it any other way she is 12 years old today.  Like all of us she was a Beauty Queen in her day. She has kept her figure of 3.6# and she was a real Champion in the ring too.
Now my sweet little girl looks like a well LOVED stuffed Animal. Believe me she is Loved and I don't know what I would do without her. If she is not on my lap she is sitting on my sewing table while I sew.  I just wanted to share my sweet baby with all of you.
Today on the news here was a story a very sad and sick story about a woman that sprayed RAID down her dogs throat to kill her.  Why? to keep her Ex Husband from getting the dog in the DIVORCE! What a awful, horrible death!. Wno in there right mind or sick for that matter would do something like that to their own pet.
Last week Mal practice Vet killing animals and  Lie after Lie about what went on.

Always Making Something ............................. With My Little Friend
I think she laughing at me.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy DIY Projects

We have been busy with this make over for our dinning Room. We needed a table that we could sit at and had leaves so when we have company we could all sit down and eat together.
I only did the directing since the back surgery.  Hubby is my Hero he did all the sanding and painting and what a great job he did.
We found this table at the thrift store.  We paid 20.00 for it and it has 2 leaves, making a whopping 7 ft when they are added. Wow it fits all our whole family!
I love the 2 tones of the table. Now we have to redo the chairs. and that is going to be a chore.
Feast your eyes on the table, for now.

Always Making Something.............................

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I have been texting my kids a quote of the day. My favorites are from the great Presidents of our church. Other great Authors also make their way into the Quote Of The Day. I try
to taylor it to the individual so it brightens their day.  Wow, I might be going overboard ?.   So far no one has complained, they do seen to enjoy it.
Enough Blah, Blah, Blah. I sent one today to my oldest son that he really got a kick out of.
I thought that I would share it. Since it fits him right now.

Quote:  I Adam, Prince of Ethernia and defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull.
            This is Cringer......  My fearless friend.  Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me
            the day I held aloft my magic sword and said.......  By The Power Of Greyskull !.
            I AM HE-MAN!!!!!!
I hope this will make soneone's day a little lighter.

Always Making Something ........................................

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It Was In His Eyes

My daughter and I are BIG animal lovers. What can I say?.  Well, we are always getting ourselves in trouble. Mind you we have been warned, by my gentle sweet hubby to stay away from adoption events.

So Friday we had nothing to do, annnnddd there was a big Adoption Event down at the Salt Lake City Fair Grounds. Just to look; And look we did.  There were over 900 animals at the event. It was set up beautifully. So easy to see the dogs, big dogs in an area, Pit Bulls all together in another area, and small dogs together too.  The cats were all in an exhibit hall. We had a great time, lots of ooo's and ah's.

I had no intention of bringing anything home, none what so ever.

We were on our way to the car and my daughter said "lets just go through here."  The CAT building.
I walked in and yuck the smell. That is why I do not have a cat. I walked around with my hands behind my back. I did not want to touch anything, and then I saw the green gorgeous, loving eyes. Starring, beckoning me over. I was in a trance out of control. my mind and brain were aware but my body was moving forward, closer, closer and then I WAS HOLDING A CAT!

He put his arms around my neck as he purred, then took his paw and rubbed my face and the feel of his long blue fur was like, like Minky Fabric. Snap out of it I thought.

Snap, Snap, CRAP!!!  I looked into his eyes and the feeling of defeat overwhelmed me.

Of course, my daughter was doing a little happy dance.  Then she started to speak to me. He is 12 yrs old, he has had all his shots, been fixed, teeth are clean. Oh, and he is free to the right home. Oh yeah, we are not the right home. "That was close, out of the woods lets go." Oh No, my daughter had filled them in on our little dirty secret, "we rescue" or we have in the past.

All the way to the car I am telling my daughter "do not say anything to your Dad, let me tell him, but I'm not going to tell him until his day off. Just keep him in the laundry room and go get the stuff and  and."

And they even gave us a small pet carrier. It was a done deal. Oh Crap!

My daughter had to go to work, I had to fix dinner so hubby could eat before he left for work. The little blue pet carrier was sitting in the dinning room right by the table.  I didn't see it, its a wonder I didn't fall over it. Hubby asked me where the carrier came from. 

"It was free" I said

"And what was in this free carrier?"

"Come with me."  I took him to the laundry room, where we were "hiding" our free cat.
He just looked at me.

"We didn't pick him....He picked us!" He shook his head and laughed then gave the cat a few love pets.

The rest is history.......................... Oh and we named him Si, after Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty. There was no other name befitting for this regal and majestic creature who won a place in our home and hearts

Always Making Something......... Yeah a MESS


By the way over 500 animals were adopted.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Re Done Bannna Leaf Chair

I have been wanting to re do this chair for months. It was Ok before but it just needed a chair lift.
I picked out the paint and my sweet hubby cleaned it and painted it.  Next I made the pillows to match the chair and curtains in the front room and the dinning room. I am really happy with it. I can sit in the recliner and just look at it.  I did add Scotch Guard to it because the 70lb POODLE  was trying to lay in it.

Friday, May 3, 2013


My 4 grand children have had LICE for the last 5 months.  Off and on of course, but 7 different times is horrid. My son is beside himself, He asked if he and his sister and brother had ever had lice.  I answered  NO! and it is true I scared them so bad that they would never have used a comb or worn a hat that was not theirs. 
everything that you can put on a small human has been bought and used.  My son has talked to the school and the Health department. He offered to buy the shampoo and spray for who ever it is that keeps coming back to school with it. He was told that he can not do that because it is a privacy thing.
 Today the boys got there heads shaved and the princess I do not know what they are going to do about her hair, it is down to her waist.
Since they have lived there they have had weird health issues, not including the L problem.
The 10 yr old got Nephritis and was hospitalized in Phoenix for a week. Poor little guy has been on Steroids since January. He has only 1500mg of salt a day so the meal preparing has been hard, almost impossible at best. Then there was Hand, Foot and Mouth.  It took 3 weeks and awful liquid Medicine to get rid of that.  Daddy got a virus that took him 2 weeks to be able to get up and go back to work. Allergy's are at an all time high and at times it is as if there is a small herd of Elephants in the house.
I think some of this is because the earth is in a constant state of turning over there. By that I mean it is the winter vegetable capitol of Northern Hemisphere.  There is dust and dirt in the air all of the time. The heat dose not help,
If anyone out there has an idea of what else that can be done for the L please let me know.
They still have 2 years they have to be there,

I have been making things I will be posting them on Saturday

Till next time.  Always Making Something.......

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Long Time

I know It has been a long, long sabbatical.  An up hill battle with chuck holes and mud slides.  Now I am going to try to have the passion and the stamina to pick up where I have left off.  Please don't give up on Shabby And Frills the best is yet to come.  I have projects in the wings. I am excited to get started I hope you will still visit.

Always Making Something............................... 

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Dog And A Boy

Happy New Year to all.  
We had the best holiday ever.  The AZ K's came up for 3 weeks. It was the best visit ever.
Day 1 we were going to the Humane Society in Salt Lake so Laney could see Kitty City.  She loves kitties and can not have one because her daddy is allergic.
On the way down to the Humane Society my son confessed that he really wanted a dog.  Now they have a dog, Boston Terrier/ French Bull Dog mix. That dog has a boy, he worships the ground the boy walks on. The boy is 11.
So my boy wants a dog, but we were going to see "Kitty City".
We pull up and everyone gets out. We go in and off to "Kitty City". The grandsons were really not into the cats so I took them over to the dog side. As we are looking at the small dogs and puppies, my son comes through at a very brisk pace. He is rather intense any way, he was on a mission. He said "they have one" and he did not stop. "They have what"? I said as I followed him and forgetting I left the boys. "They have a Bull Dog, I am going to get him out and walk around".  "Oh OK" I said and then I remembered I left the boys with the dogs. I went to get them.
We sat in the lobby waiting for the grand entrance of the "Holy Crap!" here he came with a 70lb white with a brown eye American Bull Dog. Guess what his name was?. " PETEY". Really, Really????
The shear mass of this dog was unbelievable, more like a side of BEEF! and he was all over my son kissing him, throwing himself at his feet, laying on his back begging for his tummy to be rubbed.  My son  sat with him a long time contemplating the choice he was about to make. " Mom I need this dog, I will be able to handle him and train him. I want to save him. His wife said "I think he needs him". I have never seen that look in his eyes, well not since he was a little boy. I also knew he had been having some nightmares lately from the war.  What do you say?. So Petey came home with us on day 1.  They renamed him (thank goodness) Fritz. He came in and made himself at home. He took over the Chase, peed on the leather sectional, chewed through 2 leashes, drank at least a good gallon of water a day dripping from his gowels slinging it on the walls. Passing gas that would clear the room, pooping like an elephant in the dog pen. At the end of the day Fritz aka Petey looked at my son and made his claim. The dog had a boy.