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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It Was In His Eyes

My daughter and I are BIG animal lovers. What can I say?.  Well, we are always getting ourselves in trouble. Mind you we have been warned, by my gentle sweet hubby to stay away from adoption events.

So Friday we had nothing to do, annnnddd there was a big Adoption Event down at the Salt Lake City Fair Grounds. Just to look; And look we did.  There were over 900 animals at the event. It was set up beautifully. So easy to see the dogs, big dogs in an area, Pit Bulls all together in another area, and small dogs together too.  The cats were all in an exhibit hall. We had a great time, lots of ooo's and ah's.

I had no intention of bringing anything home, none what so ever.

We were on our way to the car and my daughter said "lets just go through here."  The CAT building.
I walked in and yuck the smell. That is why I do not have a cat. I walked around with my hands behind my back. I did not want to touch anything, and then I saw the green gorgeous, loving eyes. Starring, beckoning me over. I was in a trance out of control. my mind and brain were aware but my body was moving forward, closer, closer and then I WAS HOLDING A CAT!

He put his arms around my neck as he purred, then took his paw and rubbed my face and the feel of his long blue fur was like, like Minky Fabric. Snap out of it I thought.

Snap, Snap, CRAP!!!  I looked into his eyes and the feeling of defeat overwhelmed me.

Of course, my daughter was doing a little happy dance.  Then she started to speak to me. He is 12 yrs old, he has had all his shots, been fixed, teeth are clean. Oh, and he is free to the right home. Oh yeah, we are not the right home. "That was close, out of the woods lets go." Oh No, my daughter had filled them in on our little dirty secret, "we rescue" or we have in the past.

All the way to the car I am telling my daughter "do not say anything to your Dad, let me tell him, but I'm not going to tell him until his day off. Just keep him in the laundry room and go get the stuff and  and."

And they even gave us a small pet carrier. It was a done deal. Oh Crap!

My daughter had to go to work, I had to fix dinner so hubby could eat before he left for work. The little blue pet carrier was sitting in the dinning room right by the table.  I didn't see it, its a wonder I didn't fall over it. Hubby asked me where the carrier came from. 

"It was free" I said

"And what was in this free carrier?"

"Come with me."  I took him to the laundry room, where we were "hiding" our free cat.
He just looked at me.

"We didn't pick him....He picked us!" He shook his head and laughed then gave the cat a few love pets.

The rest is history.......................... Oh and we named him Si, after Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty. There was no other name befitting for this regal and majestic creature who won a place in our home and hearts

Always Making Something......... Yeah a MESS


By the way over 500 animals were adopted.


  1. I haven't been by to see you in awhile but this post is precious. Your Si is beautiful and looks to be very content. You are so good and kind to give him a home and I am glad your hubby was okay with the new family member. Hugs, Beverly Tea Cottage Pretties

  2. I love my Si! He is even cooler than he told us at the beginning!