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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apron On It's Way! Yeah!!

Got the message that the Aprons are on there way. I can't wait to see it. But more over I hope that my partner likes hers and the tuck ins too.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Home Contd.

So where was I?  Oh yes. He is on the phone with us and he said I can see your lights keep  on coming your in the right direction. At this point we finally start to get a little worried, the closer we got the scarier he got and we were getting there.
We pulled into this what should have been a circle drive but suddenly stopped.
 AND we had seen a man standing in the darkened huge arched Joan of Arc  doors.  Then he was gone.  We got out of the car and For Real all that was missing was the MOTE!!!!!!! I am not kidding.  There were huge stained glass windows of  scary angels in creepy dark red blood like colors with very erry light behind each one. These windows stood at least 10 feet tall and the Angels glared out over the motless barren desert of darkness.  Even though we knew we should leave, we started down (FOR REAL) cobble stone  walk way.  Suddenly it ended.
Sarah looked at me and she stopped " What if he is in there right now laying out his scalpels right now?"  "I have my phone in my pocket open and dialed to 911" I said.  " do you really think you can run up these paver stones if you have to?"  she said. With that a coyote  amazingly appeared (FOR REAL)  Sarah grabbed me and we turned and ran up the stone way, jumped into the car locked the doors and ........ sat there. We turned on the car and HIT THE GAS and blew rocks out the back end.  We drove and drove fast and furious to the first stop sign that was lit. Sarah slammed on the breaks and just sat there. She looked over at me and said" If there was a really hot tall dark Vampire in there and I missed it, I am going to be P****D!!!!!!!! ( Her book club is called "Books That Bite").  " I think it was more like a Were Wolf." We called our hubbies for some consoling and only got yelled at instead.  Lesson learned.   AND that's how I lost my cell phone.
I hope it was worth your wait.   Till next time...............

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home: A Happy Home Is A Glimpse of Heaven

Or So the saying on the wall goes.... Really?.  I'll get into that later.

Flirty Apron Swap is made and mailed. It turned out so cute!!! I hope my partner likes it. I always say that I am going to make one for myself. I never do. I give whatever I make away.  That feels good. I will post pictures when my daughter in law gets back. They are on her phone.

The last month has been.... let's say crazy no no.... unfortunate no...  unreal........
I can't find the exact words I want but you get the idea, right?

So I'll start here:  We have a local news station here that provides on line classifieds.  Very very popular, more so than Craigs list is here any way.
 I always look through the free section, being the bargain and do over find and refurb person that I am.  Behold!! there was a gentleman in a town that was west of here about forty five miles.  He had Canvas Paintings for free. A few were displayed in the ad. I had been looking for old canvas paintings here and there for a project I had in mind.  Perfect what a find right? . So the plans were made and directions( sort of but we had a GPS) given to us by the Gentleman. He would hold them until his day off on Wednesday EVENING. 
This was going to be fun I THOUGHT.  Eddie had to work, so Sarah and I were going to drive and pick up the pictures. The kids would be in bed and Spring would be home preparing her lessons for the next day. Everything was just FALLING into place. 
Off we go 8:30 pm talking  brave and all laughing, laughing ,ha ha ha what an adventure this was going to be, after all we have done this kind of thing lots.
Stopping to fuel up on Diet Coke for the drive, energy and what ever else it could do for us.  We hit the highway it wasen't very long until we got to the exit. Really that is when the fun began.  The usual you know,  Right turn take the second left go to the top of the hill. He could not remember the name of the street into his subdivision but it was about 7 miles and it is a dark subdivision there are no street lights. Oh, and his house is the one on the right that looks like a MID - EVIL CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  No, now we are not a fry short of a Happy Meal. We are the few trusting women that have not learned a lesson yet.  We were about to. Oh and most of these directions were by phone after the wrong ones were given.
The best part is yet to come...........  Till Next Time.
Sorry I have to go to a coupon class.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I love aprons

I love Aprons, I always have worn an apron. When my daughter in law saw my aprons she started wearing one also.  She is working on hers for the Flirty Apron Swap right now.  Mine is cut out and ready to sew tomorrow.  Swaps are so much fun. We will post pictures of the Aprons soon.
 I hope to do many more. 
I love to see other things my fabric sisters sew. Share your creations.

We are Material Girls.          
Till next time.................

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We found a house.

We found a house. I am so excited after 30 houses we finally agreed on one.  Usually Eddie isn't so hard as in what I want of course.  This house is closer to the freeway and will cut down on his travel time back and forth to the U of U.  A sigh of relief now for the hardest part. Packing!!!! and putting away. Thank goodness Sarah and Spring will be able to help. 

Going to post pics of cute stuff later.