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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Old Days

While my Hubby was off this week, he suggested we have a date. He picked a restaurant that we both like and off we went. I was really looking forward to the time alone with him since my 17yr old nephew had been staying with us all week while my sister and brother in law went on a business/vacation to California. (LUCKY).
We were seated at the restaurant It was a bit early (LIKE 4:00 PM) we placed our order. Another Older, Older couple came in and was seated across the isle from us.
We got our appetizer and were eating when all of a sudden we hear " How old do you think I am sonny?". My husband turned around and then looked back at me. My Q I guess to handle the question. So I answeres the elderly gentelman .  I knew better but I said " Oh about 60" he laughed and said sternly " No Mam, I am 91 and I spent 41 years in the Army. My wife died last year and we were married 65 years."  I was stunned for a moment thinking that I hope we would have that much time together too. Then the gentleman proceeded to tell us his life story. we ate and listened as he brought tears to my eyes and chocked my husband up several times.His final announcement to us was he had worked in the Temple for the last 15 years and now was just waiting to go home because the love of his life was there waiting for him.  We could barely contain ourselves. He said to us "Thank You for listening" and turned to eat his dinner.  We just sat there for a moment looking at each other.  We stood to leave and Eddie walked over and shook the old mans hand. His daughter shook her head and mouthed to me "I'm sorry"  Eddie turned to her and said "No it was our pleasure". We left and sat in  the car for a what seemed like a long time.  Then Eddie finally spoke and said " I am sorry we did not get to be alone"  I replied " This is the best date we have had in long time"  to which he said "I was hoping you would think so".

What a blessing we have to still have each other with the HOPE of many more years to come.                  Till next time...............................................................

Friday, August 26, 2011

I Think I May Have Been Busy This Week

A few things got finished this week.  I am finaly working on my TO Do list.
Have a Look.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


My sweet little new neighbor Melissa, offered to help me organize my sewing room.
Eddie and I have been working on it and it is usable, but not all the way put together.  I purged over a 100 decorating and woman's magazines Only keeping the best of the best. Mary Jane's Farm, (love this magazine it is great), Flea Market, 100 Decorating Ideas, Country Home, really great magazines that have such lovely ideas. It really felt great to go through and purge.
Something I really like is my Make A Mix and More Make a Mix Cookery. There are such fabulous time saving and more over money saving recipes that you can make up and use over a period of 6 months. I love that kind of stuff.  Well progress feels Great!! Till Next Time.................. 

Sister Rantings

I have two sisters, they are younger than me by almost eight years. Did I mention they are twins?.  They are not identical they really do not even look like sisters. The worst part is they don't even like each other, so there I am the in the middle.

They have a lot of issues growing up as twins because they are so physically different. Don't get me wrong they are both beautiful. They are built different and hair color different and even though they both are brown eyed #1 Twin has light brown hair, Golden Brown eyes, Twin #2 has Dark, Dark hair and dark,dark eyes. I on the other hand am a red head freckled and I have very blue eyes. All three of us together, you would never guess we were related. Any way the point of all this is they both think I can magically whip up any thing on the sewing machine. AND they think I can wave a magic wand and poof it is done.  Well, I may have stated this before,  my magic WAND is so far up some where I will never see it again. Never Again.
To further the reason why I am writing this blog. Twin #1 is going on a business trip with her husband to California on Friday, not next Friday, this coming Friday
and she needs a robe.  I asked her why didn't she ask me last week she said she did.  I don't remember but I was so sick last week with what I thought was a Fibro Flare, that turned out to be Toxicity from a medication I was on. That I need but has to be adjusted and I can't see the doctor until September.  This puts a lot of pressure on me.  So I will sew because I love her. She always does what she can for me. I will do it and she will love it.  After I finish the Apron that my other sister asked me to make for her to give someone. Am I Crazy?  Till next time.......

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Apron Swap Yeah!!

Another Apron Swap Hosted by Country Pleasures.  If you are interested go on over and sign up.  I love the Swaps.  Its sort of like going to the Prom, I mean all the sewing, planning, tuck ins, mailing it off. How fun. Then you are waiting to get your swap and the day comes and the package arrives. THE BIG DAY. And then its done. So now wait for the next one.  Well its so much fun its hard not to sign up.
I spend a lot of time by my self so I need to keep busy and it gives me something else to do between Fibro Flares.
I am posting this darling bag and felt cupcakes my daughter-in-law made for my gran daughters birthday. And she loves them they are so cute.
Well dear sisters let me know what you think of the cupcakes  Till next time............

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hot Mama Apron Swap

I had the Apron for my Partner all done and ready to go. It is being delivered by SPECIAL DELIVERY tonight can't wait until she gets it. 
I was feeling awful yesterday, I had a Fibro Flare up.  Since My Hubby is working nights I put my self on the chase in the family room.  I have not had one quite this bad in a couple months.  I herd the door bell. I could not even get up to answer the door I felt so awful.  So when Eddie got up he went to the front door and there was a package waiting for me.  I still felt so bad I could not even open the box, so my sweetie got out his pocket knife and it was open.  He sat on the chase next to me and started to get the beautiful PurPle packages out So I sat up we opened them together one by one. I started to feel better just seeing how thoughtful my partner was. My husband so taken with all of the lovely things.  So for the finally I opened the Apron Oh How Beautiful and What wonderful Suprise !!! The Apron is Fabulous and she put a Poodle applique on it.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Thank You Amy W. I was feeling a bit better.  So we took pictures and posted them.  My Eddie is so taken by the wonderfully talented women that take part in these swaps.
He told his friends at the hospital all about as he calls it ART and he is correct it is art.  So ladies the staff at the U of U love the Aprons.  Till next time.....................