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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sister Rantings

I have two sisters, they are younger than me by almost eight years. Did I mention they are twins?.  They are not identical they really do not even look like sisters. The worst part is they don't even like each other, so there I am the in the middle.

They have a lot of issues growing up as twins because they are so physically different. Don't get me wrong they are both beautiful. They are built different and hair color different and even though they both are brown eyed #1 Twin has light brown hair, Golden Brown eyes, Twin #2 has Dark, Dark hair and dark,dark eyes. I on the other hand am a red head freckled and I have very blue eyes. All three of us together, you would never guess we were related. Any way the point of all this is they both think I can magically whip up any thing on the sewing machine. AND they think I can wave a magic wand and poof it is done.  Well, I may have stated this before,  my magic WAND is so far up some where I will never see it again. Never Again.
To further the reason why I am writing this blog. Twin #1 is going on a business trip with her husband to California on Friday, not next Friday, this coming Friday
and she needs a robe.  I asked her why didn't she ask me last week she said she did.  I don't remember but I was so sick last week with what I thought was a Fibro Flare, that turned out to be Toxicity from a medication I was on. That I need but has to be adjusted and I can't see the doctor until September.  This puts a lot of pressure on me.  So I will sew because I love her. She always does what she can for me. I will do it and she will love it.  After I finish the Apron that my other sister asked me to make for her to give someone. Am I Crazy?  Till next time.......

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  1. You're not crazy. Hang in there. Love your aprons! Wish I could sew.