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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Monday, January 7, 2013

A Dog And A Boy

Happy New Year to all.  
We had the best holiday ever.  The AZ K's came up for 3 weeks. It was the best visit ever.
Day 1 we were going to the Humane Society in Salt Lake so Laney could see Kitty City.  She loves kitties and can not have one because her daddy is allergic.
On the way down to the Humane Society my son confessed that he really wanted a dog.  Now they have a dog, Boston Terrier/ French Bull Dog mix. That dog has a boy, he worships the ground the boy walks on. The boy is 11.
So my boy wants a dog, but we were going to see "Kitty City".
We pull up and everyone gets out. We go in and off to "Kitty City". The grandsons were really not into the cats so I took them over to the dog side. As we are looking at the small dogs and puppies, my son comes through at a very brisk pace. He is rather intense any way, he was on a mission. He said "they have one" and he did not stop. "They have what"? I said as I followed him and forgetting I left the boys. "They have a Bull Dog, I am going to get him out and walk around".  "Oh OK" I said and then I remembered I left the boys with the dogs. I went to get them.
We sat in the lobby waiting for the grand entrance of the "Holy Crap!" here he came with a 70lb white with a brown eye American Bull Dog. Guess what his name was?. " PETEY". Really, Really????
The shear mass of this dog was unbelievable, more like a side of BEEF! and he was all over my son kissing him, throwing himself at his feet, laying on his back begging for his tummy to be rubbed.  My son  sat with him a long time contemplating the choice he was about to make. " Mom I need this dog, I will be able to handle him and train him. I want to save him. His wife said "I think he needs him". I have never seen that look in his eyes, well not since he was a little boy. I also knew he had been having some nightmares lately from the war.  What do you say?. So Petey came home with us on day 1.  They renamed him (thank goodness) Fritz. He came in and made himself at home. He took over the Chase, peed on the leather sectional, chewed through 2 leashes, drank at least a good gallon of water a day dripping from his gowels slinging it on the walls. Passing gas that would clear the room, pooping like an elephant in the dog pen. At the end of the day Fritz aka Petey looked at my son and made his claim. The dog had a boy.