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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homeward Bound!!!! Yeah

Every thing takes longer than you think.  Always.  But it's all together and we are ready to go.  Things have changed, I am driving home with the whole family. Not flying. At least I will be home.  I haven't been much help.  Except taking care of the Princess. 
I now have the head virus all of them have had.  I am so tired that I can't think and I hurt every where.
If I could stay in bed I would. But I want to go home.  when I get there I may stay in bed for a week.
I miss my little dogs and my big Poodle very much too.
On the bright side,  We did get to eat at Steak And Shake.  Our Favorite. Yumm  We don't have them in Utah.

Until next time I will be home by then

Monday, January 17, 2011


Well we have emptied my sewing room.  Really I can take no credit for it at all.  My sweet husband worked very hard on his days off along with my sweet friend Raeleen she is also the Relief Society President.   We are friends, And my daughter who I don't know what I would do with out.
and neighbors too.
You have no idea how stuff you have.  My beautiful Formal living room all the furniture  is in a storage pod.  I thought I loved change I am not so sure any more.  I will have to wait until Sarah gets here to get it all organized.
On another note we found triple bunk bed for the boys room.  They are so excited about it.  And for the Princess a toddler bed and I have a beautiful day bed for Sarah so beds are taken care of.
I have loaded the house with food.  I was going over our receipts and shockingly I have spent well over a thousand dollars. But we are very well stocked.  We bought Spring and Jake an Apple laptop for Christmas,  we send money to the Texas K's  so we decided to buy Adam a computer before he leaves for his assignment.   I am trying to find what he wants.  Eddie wants to get it from the University where he works, Adam wants to get it off of Amazon I think the U wins.
The Stress of all of this is really taking a tole on me.  My anxiety is off the charts and pain is about an 8, and all I do is sit in a DAM chair and support my dear sweet hubby it is the worst feeling to watch him work and I can't do a darn thing.    Well when Sarah gets here we will be able to sew and creat some lovely things.  So please keep following the best is yet to come.
Till next time...................................

Monday, January 10, 2011

Moving Stuff Around

I love change.  While moving the rooms around I needed to pack up two book cases of books. I love books so much that I can't go to the Library to borrow a book.  I HAVE TO OWN IT.  My favorite store is Barnes and Noble.  OK back to the subject.  While packing the books I intended to keep a couple out. I was wiping them off and making piles of what would go and what would stay. Nothing was going. They really are going just out of site for a while, a little while, only while the kids are here. I had to keep telling myself that. So I packed up 4 big boxes of books to go into the Unit.  Can you tell I am having a little issue.  It is crazy.  Get over it!!
The job of lifting and packing the boxes with the books proved to be to much for me physically, so my daughter finished it for me.  Job done.  By the way I do have a small pile for the DI.

I also found 2 matching counter chairs to the ones I already have for $10.00 each. So the kids can sit at the counter and eat or do home work.  That was a fun thing.  We have a local TV station here that has a sight like Craigs List.  It is very organized so you can find almost anything you want or need.  I love to look at it, daily.  We also found a Toddler Bed in White for our Princess to sleep in when she gets here for $ 15.00 right here in our little area.  I have traveled from one end of Utah to the next for Furniture.
It had to be exceptional and of course it was. All of it.
Till next time...................

Sunday, January 9, 2011


It is official!!! Our daughter in law and 4 grandchildren are comming to live with us while our son is away on assignment with his job.  I am excited about it. She has appoligised every time we talk.
History:  Daughter in law:  type one diabetic since she was 5. She won't admit it but she is brittle. She and the children (ages 9, 7, 5, and the Princess  she is 2) Can not stay with no family in a state is 10 hr one way and 24 the other to family.  in the town they live in outside of Dallas the Paramedics are on a first name basis with my son and daughter in law. She has low blood sugar when she becomes stressed or just life can cause her to break.  My son, and I agree with  him, that she can not stay there alone.  We offered so did her family.  Our house is bigger and there is myself, husband, daughter, my two sisters,and cousins that are available.  NOT IN THE SAME HOUSE OF COURSE.
I have prayed that they get to live near us for years.  The Lord has his own time.
We get along very well she is very creative, sewing, cooking, re doing furniture, painting. I tease her and tell her she is very Molly as in "Molly Mormon". She is a convert  and a good one.  My husband says our son married his mother.  Is that a good thing???

So back to the blog. Today they delivered  a Unit to our driveway. Because I have to store my furniture from the formal living room. Not because we are a fraid that the kids will mess it up, because we need the room.  Its my favorite room. Every thing in there is 2nd hand or family related. It all has a great deal of meaning to us. ut its just stuff. We are storing it because we are going to move the sewing room in there so that we can sew. It is so much fun to have her here to work on projects together   LOVE IT.
Yhe boys will share the bedroom that was the sewing room Its a big room.  The other bedroom is smaller but big enough for the girls. There is our bedroom and our daughters room. Everyone has a room  Yeah!!!!!   I can't wait to have them here it will be an adventure.  They usually come for a month in the summer. So we can do this for 8 months.  We are flying down on the 20th of this month.  My husband and son are putting all of there things in storage in Texas.  My son will be off where he needs to go my husband and daughter in law and the boys will drive to Utah and the princes and I will fly home to Utah.  Sounds like a good plan. Hope we can pull it off.  Please pray.
We were betting on how many of our neighbors would stop by to ask if we are moving.  Well, sort of.
I'll let you know.

Sarah, we love you we would do anything for you and Adam and the kids.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last week we had a Laneyism.  Today a Tobiisim : Daddy:" You know you shouldn't do that"   T: Yeah.
Daddy:" Will I have to remind you?"  T:" Yes you will".  Daddy: " Do I have to have PaPa call Santa and tell him about this"?  T: Well, yes (sobbing) how did Pa Pa get his phone number"?.  Daddy just hugged him.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Plums and Apricots

My Husband has been so busy making jelly.  We cooked down  the fruit last year and froze it.  So he thawed it on Friday and New Years Day he cooked it and added all the stuff  needed to make it jell. He used Splenda to sweeten it. He made 36 pints of Apricot and 21 of Red Plum. My favorite.  All though I have so much trouble with the acid in fruit because of the Fibromyalgia. My mouth is very sensitive and gets blistered. ts not very comfortable. I have to eat very little at a time. Other people will enjoy it. Very tasty. Yumm 

A child shall lead them

My kids are packing for a move.  So I get a text today that says  "Laney saw a picture of Jesus  holding a lamb and thought It was Pa Pa.  We had to read it several times and couldn't figure out why she would think that.  Pa Pa dose not have long hair, he does not wear a white robe, he has a mustache and a gotee ?
We don't know what it could be he is build like a German butcher. Not the King of Kings.
The next text we get is" Pa Pa has some pretty big sandels to fill. " I guess we will see what happens when we see Laney.  She's 2 you know.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

It has been a great December.  The windows of Heaven were opened and the Blessings fell from above.
News we had been waiting for for 2 years came.  Not only here in Utah but in Texas too.  The Lord has his own time and I hope that we weathered the test well.  Thank You to Our Heavenly Father. Christmas is over, Hooray! not my favorite holiday.  The New Year is here. We can finally look back and see that we made headway.  2011 will be a great year too.
In a few weeks our beautiful daughter-in-law will be here with the most fabulous grand children. They will be staying here with us for 6-8 months while are son goes back to the Academy for Training. It will be great to have them and she is so creative she will inspire me to do more projects. Yeah! Use up this ton of paint and fabric I have so we can buy more.  Great! AND THE BARN FULL OF FURNITURE! that needs to be painted and sold.
My sewing room is a mess.  My Husband went in to get tape, when he came out he said  " I have never in all our years see your sewing room such a mess". He is right, usually, well always it is neat and organized. I always know where everything is. So today, New Years Day I will get it back in order.
I will keep it that way too. With Help.  From above.  Determination.  And keeping the Fibro at bay.
Pray For Me Please I will need the inspiration to get er done. the after Pics will come.