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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

It has been a great December.  The windows of Heaven were opened and the Blessings fell from above.
News we had been waiting for for 2 years came.  Not only here in Utah but in Texas too.  The Lord has his own time and I hope that we weathered the test well.  Thank You to Our Heavenly Father. Christmas is over, Hooray! not my favorite holiday.  The New Year is here. We can finally look back and see that we made headway.  2011 will be a great year too.
In a few weeks our beautiful daughter-in-law will be here with the most fabulous grand children. They will be staying here with us for 6-8 months while are son goes back to the Academy for Training. It will be great to have them and she is so creative she will inspire me to do more projects. Yeah! Use up this ton of paint and fabric I have so we can buy more.  Great! AND THE BARN FULL OF FURNITURE! that needs to be painted and sold.
My sewing room is a mess.  My Husband went in to get tape, when he came out he said  " I have never in all our years see your sewing room such a mess". He is right, usually, well always it is neat and organized. I always know where everything is. So today, New Years Day I will get it back in order.
I will keep it that way too. With Help.  From above.  Determination.  And keeping the Fibro at bay.
Pray For Me Please I will need the inspiration to get er done. the after Pics will come.

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