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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, December 12, 2010

OH Christmas Tree, Mountians, and Computers

Well its up. It wasn't that hard. I just hated the mess that it creates as you are getting things out.  However that is done and cleaned up. Got the front closet cleaned also. So it's good.
Having a better day in the sunshine, still sleeping a lot, but hopefully that will get a little better as time goes on.
My daughter Spring, is a computer geek. Admittedly I must add. anything to do with Mac she can fix, program, what ever. Any way today her extra appendage bit the dust. In a manner of speaking, she needs a new key board.  Easily fixed just not on Sunday. Even if she could fix it today we wouldn't because it is Sunday.  When the incident happened I was afraid I would have to get up and leave the room,but she handled it very well.  sSo I stayed. She needs it for her class and all her lesson plans are on it. Just a matter of getting it fixed.  I have a brand new Mac book.  I don't share well.
 Mountains are so beautiful. the Valley is surrounded with the most beautiful colors. I love living here. We have only lived here 5 yrs but it feels like home now.
Going to my sewing room to see what I can do.

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