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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Thursday, December 9, 2010


This summer's creation.  The Contractors are every MALE in our family.
Our Guys are Eddie: Husband to me. Dad, and PaPa.  Adam: Husband to Sarah, Son, Dad to Lucas, Aiden, Tobias, Laney (she is a girl, Princess in the making she was the real boss)and Jake,Son, Uncle.
Eddie was the driving force. When he starts a job he gives it all the GUSTO he's got. Working until the job is done Adam was never really the Mr. Fix It type. when he was 11yr old he was so mad taking the trash out that at the door, as I opened it for him, with trash bag in hand he stopped and looked up at me and said " When I grow up I am going to pay someone to take out my trash and fix my house". To that I replied " Son, I hope you can".  Until he got married and then he confessed that he wished he had worked with his dad more. So over the phone from Salt Lake to Dallas via telephone his dad has taught him how to fix a a light socket to his car and beyond.  Needless to say he was going to show all of us he could do this. Jake even with a brain injury he is very mechanical. So he was game. The little boys, well they just wanted to hammer. They hammered, hammered, and then hammered some more at the end we had a lot of broken rocks.
The guys worked for three days strait, From sun up to sun down, a couple of times both the boys came in and said "The Old man is killing us he just keeps going"  It wasn't long, on the 3rd day it was finished. We all celebrated and the boys were in Heaven. The rest is in the trees.

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