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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, December 12, 2010

OH Christmas Tree, Mountians, and Computers

Well its up. It wasn't that hard. I just hated the mess that it creates as you are getting things out.  However that is done and cleaned up. Got the front closet cleaned also. So it's good.
Having a better day in the sunshine, still sleeping a lot, but hopefully that will get a little better as time goes on.
My daughter Spring, is a computer geek. Admittedly I must add. anything to do with Mac she can fix, program, what ever. Any way today her extra appendage bit the dust. In a manner of speaking, she needs a new key board.  Easily fixed just not on Sunday. Even if she could fix it today we wouldn't because it is Sunday.  When the incident happened I was afraid I would have to get up and leave the room,but she handled it very well.  sSo I stayed. She needs it for her class and all her lesson plans are on it. Just a matter of getting it fixed.  I have a brand new Mac book.  I don't share well.
 Mountains are so beautiful. the Valley is surrounded with the most beautiful colors. I love living here. We have only lived here 5 yrs but it feels like home now.
Going to my sewing room to see what I can do.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fibro Funk

I am already having a problem with the overcast gloomy days. There has been an Inversion in the Valley for the last week and because we live so close to the lake there has been a lot of lake effect weather.
It all effects the fibromyalgia. Right now my hands and eyes are the worst.
Our son got the call for his school. Not what any of us was hoping for. We knew that he may not get the area we all wanted right off the bat. He told us this may happen but he can still request a new area after he gets to the academy.  6 months is a long time to be away from his family. I can't stand for my daughter in law to be in Texas with no family.  We want her to come up here and stay with us, she has Type1 Diabetes and really needs to be with someone. She is pron to reactions where her blood sugar drops so low she is passed out. This is very dangerous because of the kids. They are all under 10 yr old.
If anyone has any ideas please pass them on.  I am going to worry myself over this.
Sorry for the rambling. Just thinking out loud

Thursday, December 9, 2010


This summer's creation.  The Contractors are every MALE in our family.
Our Guys are Eddie: Husband to me. Dad, and PaPa.  Adam: Husband to Sarah, Son, Dad to Lucas, Aiden, Tobias, Laney (she is a girl, Princess in the making she was the real boss)and Jake,Son, Uncle.
Eddie was the driving force. When he starts a job he gives it all the GUSTO he's got. Working until the job is done Adam was never really the Mr. Fix It type. when he was 11yr old he was so mad taking the trash out that at the door, as I opened it for him, with trash bag in hand he stopped and looked up at me and said " When I grow up I am going to pay someone to take out my trash and fix my house". To that I replied " Son, I hope you can".  Until he got married and then he confessed that he wished he had worked with his dad more. So over the phone from Salt Lake to Dallas via telephone his dad has taught him how to fix a a light socket to his car and beyond.  Needless to say he was going to show all of us he could do this. Jake even with a brain injury he is very mechanical. So he was game. The little boys, well they just wanted to hammer. They hammered, hammered, and then hammered some more at the end we had a lot of broken rocks.
The guys worked for three days strait, From sun up to sun down, a couple of times both the boys came in and said "The Old man is killing us he just keeps going"  It wasn't long, on the 3rd day it was finished. We all celebrated and the boys were in Heaven. The rest is in the trees.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pink Poodle Scarf SOOOOO Cute

The sun is out and its going to be 40*.  The sky is blue and the hens are clucking, a good day I think.

 I saw the cutest scarf on another blog ( She has so many cute ideas.

I  had in my Fabriholic collection some very soft pink swirly fabric. You know the kind that you could take your cloths off and just roll all over it.  Any way, I cut a strip about 10 inches wide and the lenghth is the width of the fabric about 54 inches. Next I went to the DI thrift store here and got the cutest pink poodle not to big and not to small. Cut her ( of course it is a girl). I cut her in half and removed the stuffing. I left just a little in her paws and nose so there was some form to her. Next I sewed the pink fabric right sides together down the side, turned the fabric and attached  the poodle to each end of scarf. Make sure that the the poodle or what ever stuffed animal you have faces the same way.  This took  about 30 min.  My daughter is going to give this scarf to a cute 17 yr old special needs student that she works with for Christmas. So easy and fun! Try it.  Cost about $3.00 to make.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What is Missing???

I wanted this blog to be happy and display the funny things that go on in our lives.  I also wanted to share my love for sewing, painting furniture, cooking and the frugal life we live.
I have been reading some of the Fibromyalgia  Blogs and I feel like it may be a very good out let for the the frustrations of the flare ups.  I will do my very best not to have a pity party for my self.

I have 3 siblings a brother and 2 sisters.  3 of us have Fibromyalgia, 3 of us have adrenal, thyroid, and Spinal Stenosis  severe of the lower back. 1 of us is Bi Polar and we all have depression. ( By the way I am not the one with Bi Polar) I was spared that.
The last month has been a FLARE UP one of the worst in the last year. While Fibro is ever present as some of you know.  It's gifts are not welcome.
I spend a lot of time alone.  My sweet hubby works 12 hour shifts which makes him unavailable  due to travel time and sleep. My daughter still lives at home. I don't know what I would do with out her. I don't want to be dependent on her. She teaches deaf children during the day and works several times a week with Special Needs children. She is very busy too. She takes care of our chickens, horses and dogs.  She and her Dad do everything in their power to make sure that I am OK.
We have two boys the youngest has a Brain Injury lives on his own does well, but sometimes is demanding of our attention. Our other son lives in Dallas a good 24 hour drive away. he is a Federal Agent and is married to the best daughter in law ever. 4 ultra smart beautiful children. His wife is a type 1 Diabetic since she was 5.
I have 4 tiny little Poms none weighing over 4# that are my constant companions. They never leave me, If I am in bed they are in bed, if I am in my sewing room they are there also. I have a big beautiful Standard Poodle she is 80# and is with me constantly keeping watch.
My husband has done everything he thinks will help me and keep me busy.  He bought me a big screen for our desk top computer, Ipod, Mac laptop, Cricket Cutter, tons of books on CD's,  Ipad . All I really want is to be able to function through a full day,a week, a month.  To be able to stand up long enough to cook and clean up, or walk through Walmart without needing a 4 hour nap.  What a mess. I don't know what to do. Go to the Doctor?  They dont know what to do.  What is MISSING?????