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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Monday, September 26, 2011

I got my Apron from the Country Pleasures Swap

I loved this Swap, because You were paired with a partner that you got to contact and swap with each other. I now have a new friend that made me a FABULOUS APRON.  We found that we had a lot in common so we are going to be email pals and share sewing ideas. I am looking forward to getting to know her better. Have a look at my Apron and see what a creative seamstress she is.  The Picture does not  do the colors in this lovely Apron Justus.  Enjoy !!  Till next time...........


New swap over at The Apronista Flirty Apron Swap. This time there is a TWIST.
Its a Table Runner,  How fun is this?  Way fun I say.  I can not wait.  Hurry on over and sign up. Swaps are so much fun and you get to meet great people.  YEAH !!

Super Simple Center Piece

This was just a spur of the moment  Center Piece for my dinning room table.
Since I am not a fan of Holidays, this is pretty good for me!  Reading all of the crafty blogs is starting to move me in to decorating a little.
All this is a cute little battery operated candle I picked up at Rod works for $3.00 and a string of fall leaves from the Dollar Store. I put it on a stand that I made out of a candle stick and a metal decorative plate OH and some glue. I will be able to change it for the next season.  This might seem silly, but for me it is a big step. I can decorate my house very well. It's just the holiday thing.
Very busy weekend unloading the POD finally.  It seems we stored a bunch of junk for the last 9 months.  Why was that garbage so important? The only thing we can figure is we were in a hurry to make room for Sarah and the kids.
Any way all clean and 1 dump run and 1 DI run.  TAH DAH finished. So note to self " don't store CRAP!!!"
Till next time................................

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gooey Butter Cake

I may or may not have mentioned that my family is German.  My German Grandma was from Bremen Germany. She grew up on a farm in the area of Lagerfeld. She came to this Country when she was 17 in 1920 as an indentured servant. She worked for a family that paid for her to come over here as a Nanny and cook.And she could cook. One of my favorite treats was when she made Gooey Butter Cake. It is so yummy and rich and she made it from scratch the best ever.   So I thought I would share it with you. This is adapted from the original Scratch yellow hot milk cake.

Gooey Butter Cake
1 yellow cake mix
1 stick butter
1 egg

Mix together cake mix  (just the mix no other ingredients on the box)
With butter and egg  Spread into an ungreased  9X13 pan
Next:  Cream together 1 8oz pkg  cream cheese soft
            2 eggs
            1# powdered sugar
             1tsp vanilla
Cream together and spread over cake mixture, make sure it is spread to the edges.
Bake at 350* for 35- 40 min Yummy good!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The CIrcus Came to Town

Lori and I were driving down I-15 yesterday going to Centerville Ut. It is only about 20 min from where we live.  Of course we were talking and laughing.  I looked over and Saw the Train, The  circus train. It was only for the Circus. On the side It said  Ringling Brothers and Barnum Baily. There were 40 cars the Animals were in the the last 4 cars, some other cars had equipment some flatbeds with cars trucks and 4 wheelers. Several dinning cars and the rest Sleepers. It was not going very fast. I am sure because it was pulling into Salt Lake Station. There were people on the end of each car waving to the people on the highway. The tracks run right along the highway so we had a great view.  It was like we were 6 yr old ( well she was 6, I would have been 14 and probably
thinking this was lame, and mad because I would have to take her). OK that was a blast from the past. Any we were still a little giddy, Lori looked at me and said " do you want to go?"  and at the same time we said NAHH. We didn't even want to take the grand kids. Well the only one here is her grandson and thank goodness his mom and dad were already taking him. "That was a close one shoooo! But it was fun for a minute. And Only a minute. For a couple of moments two women in their 50's were 2 little girls again.  Till Next Time...................


Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Monday .........................

Monday, a beautiful one at that.  Sunny, light breeze, my Hens are clucking and I am waiting on the porch for my sister Lori. She is a little late ( most of the time) but that's ok. That is one of the things that makes her Lori. She is quit a lovely person, inside and out.  She got the looks in the family. Today we are going to the Hematology Clinic. Mostly people come there to get Chemo. Thank Heavenly Father  that is NOT why we are going for treatment of cancer. Lori has to have an Iron infusion,  and this is where they do it.  It was rather quiet in there today not to many patients. I would say that is a good thing. She wanted me to come along for I think entertainment.  It takes about an hour and a half . So I love spending time with her and of course I went.
Here's the good part. We are reading the same book so I brought my Kindle, and she brought her Nook. Once they got her hooked up and the Iron flowing.  We started reading and laughing  and laughing and laughing. I have to say the book is Hilarius to say the least we both identify with the character. We were laughing so hard that other people started laughing everyone wanted to know what we were reading. It was a great 90 min. To lighten some one and take them to another place
for a little while.   Till next time...........................

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Jammies

Here are the Jammies. I was able get pictures before they left to go back to Arizona.  The boys were moving to fast to get there cute Jams on here they would have been a a blur. No time to make the tops, so we opted for T shirts except for the Diva her mommy will finish her top. I like sending them off with something from Grammie.  It's so fun to make things for the kids.  Oh by the way look close a Sarahs see the Poodles????.

Till Next time...............................

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crystal Lamp

I found this Lovely Lamp at a Cute Shabby Chic store I frequent in Salt Lake City.
I fell in Love with it had to have. I tried it in our bed room but it just didn't work.
I had it in the Family Room, both of my sisters said it did not work with the leather.
 Maybe it did not have the right shade, I was at the DI last week and found this Fabulous Lamp Shade $2.00 who knows this might have been the original lamp shade. So this Fab Find totaled $20. for lamp and $2.00 for the shade. Not bad for a crystal lamp that looks great in my Sewing Room
Till Next Time.........................

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saterday I don't Like This

It is amazing the laundry that can accumulate when you have company. We must have 40 bath towels and every single one was used while the family was here. Not to mention blankets. Everyone has a special "covie" that they bring with them and a special one a Grammie and PaPa's house. Really I  don't mind. The problem is that the laundry room in the new house is on the lower level off the family room so when I go down to do laundry I have to stay down. Running the steps is just to much for me. It will be fine once we get the boxes out of the family room and have the storage pod delivered with the rest of our furniture in it.  I know that it is not going to work down here  but.. I have to prove it to Eddie before I can go to get something different. I think you all know what I mean ? right?.
Why did we buy a Tri Level house?. Eddie has bad knees and I have the fibro and LB steno sis.  It is crazy I know but this house is so us. So I shall spend my day in the laundry room with my 3#Diva and my giant poodle they are great company.
Till next time.....................

Friday, September 9, 2011

Quiet In The House

It is Quiet here again, and that is ok. We were worn out.  The kids where so good but very busy.  Laney went through all my shoes clopping around the house falling down the steps twice in less than an hour. Calling for her PaPa who came to her rescue her and cleaned up her bloody lip.
Sarah unloaded and reloaded and went through and repacked. Because of the exertion she put herself through she has trouble with her blood sugar Type1 Diabetic. When Eddie got up to go to work at 4:30 the next morning Sarah was passed out and had been for a while so at this point there is nothing to do but call 911. Now we have been on first name basis with most of the responders for some time. First Jake our youngest who has a brain injury and seizure disorder until he got his VNS and every time Sarah is here. She is a very brittle diabetic. Any way we had to call  and when the guys walked in they said " Oh good  Sarah is back"  so in they come start IV give the meds  she comes around they clean up and off they go all 10 of them each one better looking than the other.
We have excepted for some time now that being the neighborhood entertainment is some how our calling, and having lived in the new  house only 3 months we don't really know all of the neighbors amd no one has asked any questions yet. So we are a mystery to most. I would prefer  it that way.
 I got lots of sewing done all six of them got new jammies to take home. Laney got a new fleece poodle covie she needed it her other one was beyond help. Lucas watched movies on the Ipad in the sewing room with me. Aiden and Tobias spent most of the time on the Wi and I think jumping on Springs bed. We giggled while making Zombie Dolls for another Swap even my sister Lori got in on that one with us.  It was a nice visit.  Till next time.................



Monday, September 5, 2011


We were LUCKY. This weekend to have a short unexpected visit form our daughter in law and the children. We have had the best time. Laughing and making Zombie Dolls for another swap. The weather is great, and a cool down from Yuma *118 in  the shade. We got together the things they left behind and packed the trailer for the trip home. The only down side PaPa had to work. Bummer for the boys. They got to play outside, something they can't do in the HEAT so they were in Heaven.
Having so much to do Sarah has decided to stay another day. This makes me so happy because I don't want her to be overly tired when they leave. 
I have been sewing all day, making everyone jammies.  The boys have picked out their fabric and everyone is happy with the choice. Aiden picked 2 different fabrics that surprisingly went quite well together.  He is my little designer.
I also made a daddy apron and a little boy apron for my nephew and his little boy.
Sew busy this weekend.
Till next time......................................