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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Monday, January 10, 2011

Moving Stuff Around

I love change.  While moving the rooms around I needed to pack up two book cases of books. I love books so much that I can't go to the Library to borrow a book.  I HAVE TO OWN IT.  My favorite store is Barnes and Noble.  OK back to the subject.  While packing the books I intended to keep a couple out. I was wiping them off and making piles of what would go and what would stay. Nothing was going. They really are going just out of site for a while, a little while, only while the kids are here. I had to keep telling myself that. So I packed up 4 big boxes of books to go into the Unit.  Can you tell I am having a little issue.  It is crazy.  Get over it!!
The job of lifting and packing the boxes with the books proved to be to much for me physically, so my daughter finished it for me.  Job done.  By the way I do have a small pile for the DI.

I also found 2 matching counter chairs to the ones I already have for $10.00 each. So the kids can sit at the counter and eat or do home work.  That was a fun thing.  We have a local TV station here that has a sight like Craigs List.  It is very organized so you can find almost anything you want or need.  I love to look at it, daily.  We also found a Toddler Bed in White for our Princess to sleep in when she gets here for $ 15.00 right here in our little area.  I have traveled from one end of Utah to the next for Furniture.
It had to be exceptional and of course it was. All of it.
Till next time...................

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