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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Monday, January 17, 2011


Well we have emptied my sewing room.  Really I can take no credit for it at all.  My sweet husband worked very hard on his days off along with my sweet friend Raeleen she is also the Relief Society President.   We are friends, And my daughter who I don't know what I would do with out.
and neighbors too.
You have no idea how stuff you have.  My beautiful Formal living room all the furniture  is in a storage pod.  I thought I loved change I am not so sure any more.  I will have to wait until Sarah gets here to get it all organized.
On another note we found triple bunk bed for the boys room.  They are so excited about it.  And for the Princess a toddler bed and I have a beautiful day bed for Sarah so beds are taken care of.
I have loaded the house with food.  I was going over our receipts and shockingly I have spent well over a thousand dollars. But we are very well stocked.  We bought Spring and Jake an Apple laptop for Christmas,  we send money to the Texas K's  so we decided to buy Adam a computer before he leaves for his assignment.   I am trying to find what he wants.  Eddie wants to get it from the University where he works, Adam wants to get it off of Amazon I think the U wins.
The Stress of all of this is really taking a tole on me.  My anxiety is off the charts and pain is about an 8, and all I do is sit in a DAM chair and support my dear sweet hubby it is the worst feeling to watch him work and I can't do a darn thing.    Well when Sarah gets here we will be able to sew and creat some lovely things.  So please keep following the best is yet to come.
Till next time...................................

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