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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Old Days

While my Hubby was off this week, he suggested we have a date. He picked a restaurant that we both like and off we went. I was really looking forward to the time alone with him since my 17yr old nephew had been staying with us all week while my sister and brother in law went on a business/vacation to California. (LUCKY).
We were seated at the restaurant It was a bit early (LIKE 4:00 PM) we placed our order. Another Older, Older couple came in and was seated across the isle from us.
We got our appetizer and were eating when all of a sudden we hear " How old do you think I am sonny?". My husband turned around and then looked back at me. My Q I guess to handle the question. So I answeres the elderly gentelman .  I knew better but I said " Oh about 60" he laughed and said sternly " No Mam, I am 91 and I spent 41 years in the Army. My wife died last year and we were married 65 years."  I was stunned for a moment thinking that I hope we would have that much time together too. Then the gentleman proceeded to tell us his life story. we ate and listened as he brought tears to my eyes and chocked my husband up several times.His final announcement to us was he had worked in the Temple for the last 15 years and now was just waiting to go home because the love of his life was there waiting for him.  We could barely contain ourselves. He said to us "Thank You for listening" and turned to eat his dinner.  We just sat there for a moment looking at each other.  We stood to leave and Eddie walked over and shook the old mans hand. His daughter shook her head and mouthed to me "I'm sorry"  Eddie turned to her and said "No it was our pleasure". We left and sat in  the car for a what seemed like a long time.  Then Eddie finally spoke and said " I am sorry we did not get to be alone"  I replied " This is the best date we have had in long time"  to which he said "I was hoping you would think so".

What a blessing we have to still have each other with the HOPE of many more years to come.                  Till next time...............................................................

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  1. I always enjoy running in to an elder, they have quite the stories. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.