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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Home Contd.

So where was I?  Oh yes. He is on the phone with us and he said I can see your lights keep  on coming your in the right direction. At this point we finally start to get a little worried, the closer we got the scarier he got and we were getting there.
We pulled into this what should have been a circle drive but suddenly stopped.
 AND we had seen a man standing in the darkened huge arched Joan of Arc  doors.  Then he was gone.  We got out of the car and For Real all that was missing was the MOTE!!!!!!! I am not kidding.  There were huge stained glass windows of  scary angels in creepy dark red blood like colors with very erry light behind each one. These windows stood at least 10 feet tall and the Angels glared out over the motless barren desert of darkness.  Even though we knew we should leave, we started down (FOR REAL) cobble stone  walk way.  Suddenly it ended.
Sarah looked at me and she stopped " What if he is in there right now laying out his scalpels right now?"  "I have my phone in my pocket open and dialed to 911" I said.  " do you really think you can run up these paver stones if you have to?"  she said. With that a coyote  amazingly appeared (FOR REAL)  Sarah grabbed me and we turned and ran up the stone way, jumped into the car locked the doors and ........ sat there. We turned on the car and HIT THE GAS and blew rocks out the back end.  We drove and drove fast and furious to the first stop sign that was lit. Sarah slammed on the breaks and just sat there. She looked over at me and said" If there was a really hot tall dark Vampire in there and I missed it, I am going to be P****D!!!!!!!! ( Her book club is called "Books That Bite").  " I think it was more like a Were Wolf." We called our hubbies for some consoling and only got yelled at instead.  Lesson learned.   AND that's how I lost my cell phone.
I hope it was worth your wait.   Till next time...............

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  1. Oh my!!! What an adventure! I am glad you didn't go any further into the house. Who knows what would have happened! I would have expected to be consoled too, but hey, I guess they were just showing how much they love you. My mother would have yelled too. I hope you have a great Easter!