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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Friday, May 3, 2013


My 4 grand children have had LICE for the last 5 months.  Off and on of course, but 7 different times is horrid. My son is beside himself, He asked if he and his sister and brother had ever had lice.  I answered  NO! and it is true I scared them so bad that they would never have used a comb or worn a hat that was not theirs. 
everything that you can put on a small human has been bought and used.  My son has talked to the school and the Health department. He offered to buy the shampoo and spray for who ever it is that keeps coming back to school with it. He was told that he can not do that because it is a privacy thing.
 Today the boys got there heads shaved and the princess I do not know what they are going to do about her hair, it is down to her waist.
Since they have lived there they have had weird health issues, not including the L problem.
The 10 yr old got Nephritis and was hospitalized in Phoenix for a week. Poor little guy has been on Steroids since January. He has only 1500mg of salt a day so the meal preparing has been hard, almost impossible at best. Then there was Hand, Foot and Mouth.  It took 3 weeks and awful liquid Medicine to get rid of that.  Daddy got a virus that took him 2 weeks to be able to get up and go back to work. Allergy's are at an all time high and at times it is as if there is a small herd of Elephants in the house.
I think some of this is because the earth is in a constant state of turning over there. By that I mean it is the winter vegetable capitol of Northern Hemisphere.  There is dust and dirt in the air all of the time. The heat dose not help,
If anyone out there has an idea of what else that can be done for the L please let me know.
They still have 2 years they have to be there,

I have been making things I will be posting them on Saturday

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  1. I saw an article in the news 2 nights ago here in Houston. It was about Super Lice. They are resistant to the OTC treatments. The story went on to say that the exoskeletons have hardened, and made them resistant to rid, and all that other stuff. Well anyways they said you need to go to the doctor for prescription treatment. Or, do the time consuming hours long hand removal. There is even a clinic called The Lice Place. I coudnt belive it! My grand girls had a similar situation about 2 years ago. They finally went to the doctor and got an RX to treat. Bless their hearts. hope they get cured@

    Hugs Dane

  2. my kids went thru the lice cycle...I finally went and talked to the school nurse. All of that pesticide is not good for them....have they used tea tree oil.

  3. Oh yeah and make them put their things like outer clothes or backpacks in plastic bags instead of hanging them up unprotected.