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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Monday, July 15, 2013

Visits Come and Visits Go

The AZ K's were here for two weeks.  We always love it when the kids come they are so much fun.
We did a few things with them. We took a day trip and they swam in a lake,went to the happiest place on earth. (For Sarah and I) the D I. the kids love it too. Of Course we went to the show to see "Despicable Me 2" we all had a good time. I could not wait for it to be over. SHHHHH I don't want anyone to know.
The 4th was Grand we went to my sister  Lisa's house too much good food.  They had the best surprise dor the kids.  My brother in law had gotten each of the kids a bag full of Fire Works.
The boys were thrilled and Laney too. It was the best display ever.  Every neighbor put on an aerial display it went on for hours.
Two weeks is not really a long time, but the time came for them to pack the  Van and go back To YUMA.  12 hr trip and they will be home. Most of the trip is in the desert.
Scares me a little for it to be just Sarah and the kids.  Before they left we had a prayer.
Daddy was so happy to get his family back.  He gave us a call to let us know they made back home safely Oh and by the way the kids are full of LICE AGAIN!!  I totally tried not to loose my mind I was ready to scream and set the house on FIRE. My husband calmed me down while we looked like 2 Chimps going over each other.  Daddy swore it had to come from Utah. We had not a nit any where we still bagged everything up sprayed RID over the beds washed and washed.
It just so happened we had hair appointments the next day. The Hairdresser (Julie) looked us over good. She saw nothing no where no how.  We still are doing what the internet said to do.  They have been gone for 8 days and counting, so far so good.  I swear if I get one of those things on me I might have to go to the 5th floor at the U of U.  Oh, I was just informed they have them there too.

Never Mind.............................                                                                         My little Bugs

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