Always Making Something

Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sewing Room Re-Do Again!!!!!

I think  the answer for my sewing room is to knock down a wall push it out about 6ft.  Since that will not happen, positively that won't happen.  My sweetie said maybe I need to down size, THANK YOU,BUT NO!!!  so we set out to re arrange and it worked. Yeah!! All of this because he got me a television for the wall. I am excited about that.  We have 2 local stations that have programs in the A.M. that feature local Bloggers  and their interests. When sweetie works nights I would have to go to the family room to view TV and I really like to sew and listen. It is or so it seems so to be larger well not really larger but more Organized yeah that' s it more organized.  Well what ever it is, it will have to do. It's all I have for now and I am HAPPY.  You know how it ends?  Always Making Something...............

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