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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Saturday, September 25, 2010

At The End Of The Rainbow

"Some where over the rainbow". Well I have never seen any thing "Over the Rainbow"  I have however seen the End of a Rainbow. For real!!.
We lived in North Dakota For 9 cold years. We had many great experiences there. Experiences that we would not have had, had we not lived there. The Rainbow Experience as I like to refer to it was one of the best I think?
It was late spring and it had been raining most of the week. Out on our little 10 acre hobby farm it was quite dismal. About the time my husband came home from work the clouds began to break. I went to the door to meet him and over his shoulder I saw a rainbow it was beautiful it had at least 6 colors. Then another appeared it was bigger the colors were broader more vibrant. They stayed, we kept watching them and the colors only got brighter. My husband was not standing beside me any longer he was gone to the barn. He had saddled up the horses and called to me " Come on we are going to see the end of the Rainbow. He brought my horse over to the front porch. (That's were I usually mounted her). Off we went about a mile into the Field across the road.
There it was the end. I stopped my mare and stared. It really was the end of the Rainbow. I walked my horse  into the colored vapors that slowly enveloped us. It was like a dream. It was the finest droplets of water and they had color. My husband was just as memorize as I was. We just sat on our mounts and took it all in, for what felt like hours. The horses were perfectly still. There ears back listening, their eyes were like gold coins and their manes sparkled. As the beauty around us began to disburse we slowly became aware of our surroundings.  The horses dipped their heads to the grass below. I walked my steed over to the end of the Rainbow, the magic had all but disappeared. Just a glimmer of color remained on the field under the hooves of my horse. THERE WAS NO POT OF GOLD TO BE FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All that was left was a wonderful memory or was it a dream? we will never forget.
 I guess it could have been a Barbie think?

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