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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Son Of A Nutcracker

First of all the Zucchini Bread was fabulous!!!!!!!

I know that what I am about to right to write could be thought of as a Pitty Party for myself. It also could be so much worse. I know there are people in peril all over the world,natural disasters,starvation,war and war and governments that are corrupt and misleading there people,or killing them or breaking promise's. The list can go on. Truly I pray for all of this on a daily basis.
Now we get to my teeny tiny dot on no map part of the universe.
Every day is a new shall we say for the sake of language "Adventure". So here we go.
Sat: My sister calls" meet me at the furniture store they have a sale to beat all sales"  so we go. There are mobs of people, Its like a Circus, if you stop to look at something someone runs into you or steps on your heals. Daughter: " Walk faster these people are up my --- "  SON OF A NUT CRACKER that hurt..... Sister goes home empty furnitured. We go home to get the truck???? How does that work?. It was such a good deal, really it was and It's leather too. Now we have to get hubby/daddy out of bed because he is working 12 hr shifts at the hospital and they are nights. Daughter goes to the bedroom window " Daddy wake up we have a surprise for you". Daddy, Daddy HEY WAKE UP. Poor guy he stumbles to the window " It better not be another animal" he say's (This is another story) Any way, Daughter:  It smells really good. You'll like it. He comes to look at it and realizes he has to carry them in or I should say The two of them in. "SON OF A NUT CRACKER". Daughter:" I'll take you out to dinner daddy" he goes back in to get dressed. "Son of a nut cracker"

Fri: Spent the day with my sister, got nothing I needed to accomplish done (she was happy she did)  I went home fed hubby nasty store bought fried chicken because I was gone all day riding around in a ScionXB that has the worst shocks on it in the world and a huge payment (glad it isen't ours) its nick name is JAMAL. I think it was a little later than a mid life crisis. He is off to work.  Sister calls again she is upset: " brother tried to kill himself (Again! he lives in another state 2,000 miles away).Lets go out to Olive Garden just the girls what do you say?" " Well, she came home from work sick Son OF A Nut Cracker Sister:did she throw up"?  " Yes but I think it's the antibiotics"  "Are you sure"? "Well I think so" Sister:" Ok lets go". My sister goes to the bar while we are waiting for a table and comes back with a soft drink for myself and daughter and a glass of wine for herself. We don't drink never have seriously. I don't get why people drink and it's against what we believe in. ( We live in Utah).
A few carbs and 4.5 glasses of wine later she is a hoot and needs help walking to the car. Call the brother-in- law " You better meet us at the drive way and help her in. SON OF A NUT CRACKER!
Daughter comes home from work sick. Stripping her cloths off as she walks through the house brushes her teeth throws herself on the bed. "What is wrong?"  Daughter: " I threw up"  " You threw up?"  " Yes mom I threw up"  "Well are you sick?"   "I threw up, I have chills I'm swetie, I threw up!!"  " Well did you throw up in your class room in front of the kids"  NO MOM I MADE IT TO THE BATHROOM".  Why am I asking these questions?  She is an adult if she say's she threw up she did. All though our family has a problem with throwing up we try to avoid it at all costs. We just don't care for it, sort of like a Phobia. I guess it would be called something like BARFAPHOBIA or GASTROIRRUPTIONAFOBIA,something along those lines. Oh wait I have it Barfaphobiapukemania. Thats how bad it is. All of us my kids, my sisters their kids our kids kids. Its Bad thats why we need all the details. WHEW!! I am so glad I figured that out it's a break threw. YES!!  Daughter: I think its the Antibiotics making me sick. SON OF A NUT CRACKER!! nothing to worry about.

Thur: Hubby and I are finishing canning Salsa. Kitchen is a mess the floor is sticky  yuk!. Daughter is in bed with her leg up. She stayed home from work.  And my Rock has to start a new 12 hr shift tonight so its all up to me. I have to feed him frozen pizza because the its just to messy to do any thing else. He's gone. Daughter: I cant stand this I have to get out Lets go to B&N" "But look at the kitchen"  Daughter: "We'll clean it up when we get home".I do love to go to B&N so "OK"
SO $ 40.56 later and that was just magazines, we are home. I can't face the kitchen. Daughter: I'm going to try to go to work tomorrow I'm going to bed". AHH Yah!  I'm up till 3AM cleaning the kitchen. " Son of a NUTCRACKER!!!

Wed:  We are Canning Salsa every thing is from our garden and a friends garden it smells wonderful in the house. Hmm.. does Sentcey Have a Cilantro Bar? I love the smell. have to hurry Hubby has to go to work for 4 hours.  He has to grab dinner at the hospital  He comes home at midnight and cans 14.5 quarts if Salas and makes an Apple Cake that is to die for. I'm in bed. He is not good at cleaning the kitchen. But he Cans. I guess this was rather uneventful day.

Tue: Hubby's last day off this week. We are trying to get some things done before he has to work again.  Daughter comes home from work after a day at the State Fair with the 5/6 graders (Who are Deaf). " Look at my leg its hot and twice the size" I look at her leg "Son of a Nutcracker what happened"?.  her leg is swollen all the way up to her knee, not twice the size it is so swollen that it is red hot tight and has little blisters all over the calf. Greattttttttt! her dad looks at it. " I think it is Cellulitus But we'll have to go to the ER to have it treated and documented. I can't see any bites  but this is serious. The Wonder Pets go through my head.
Ok lets go.  Now we have to drive down to Salt Lake to the U of U because that's were my husband works and there is no other hospital worthy.  No Dinner grab a nasty Mcdouble and a diet on the way down. Yeah!
We walk into the ER the place is full I mean full. But they take her right in and someone else looks at the now Tree Trunk hanging from her body. Its confirmed Cellulitius  Get meds go home. Gee its only 8:30 pm how did we manage that?. Now what do we do?  My hubby just looks at me and smiles. Are you kidding me? How about a movie? Son Of A Nut C R A C K E R!. OK. He has a Booboo kitty face.

Mon: Hubby is off its a beautiful day. We do a few errands, he mows the lawn. I am trying to finish the Valance I am making for a friend. I am also finishing a bookcase that we painted so I can get it back to her.
Forget the Valance I am taking back the bookcase tonight and I'll finish the sewing later. So we load it up in the truck. Daughter: "I have to help  her with her computer anyway" Great  this is not going to be just a drop and go." Son of a Nut Cracker". They have a lovely back yard. So we sit on the patio. Her grandchildren are there they are so adorable makes me really miss ours.  It is getting dusky and the mosquitos are on the prowl.
We go inside for a few minutes and then leave. After we get home Daughter: I am all bit up I don't useually get bit" They must have been Rouge Mosiqueto's  because they love me and I didn't have a bite anywhere.

And that's where it all started....... Son Of A Nut Cracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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