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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fabric : This Is My Favorite Thing

 If I could write music about fabric I would. I LOVE IT!!  My dream is one day to design it.
When our son and his family were here visiting in June, my daughter-in-law and I stayed up most nights (all night) sewing.  She has a love for fabric like I do.  I looked at my HUNDREDS OF YARDS of fabric and descided to give her half of every thing. Thats ok I thought, its ok, really it will be fine. OK YOU CAN DO THIS really!  She is going to get it when you die, she'll take care of it. Your daughter can't even sew a stright line. Ok, get to it. I took each piece out and said would you like half of this? "oh yes" she said she grabed the Gingers and cut down the middle of the the fabric. We cut each piece of fabric. We did this yard after yard untill we had gone through the Fabric Kingdom inch by inch, "done" I said.  She was smiling. She look at the yardage and said "how am I going to get this all home?." Go get grocery bags" I said. She ran to the kitchen and came back with a handful. We began folding and stuffing each bag until it was all tied up in a huge but neat pile." Now what"? she asked. I had to think and think quick because my son dosen't understand Fabric, shhhhhhh.  "When we pack the van we will just shove it and stick it in all the tiny spaces" (I prayed). So we did.  My son started to opened his mouth and I just held one finger to my lips.  "When I get home, and I am putting it away, it will be just like Christmas. I suddenly imagined Judy Garland in Meet Me In St. Louis.  Till next visit.

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