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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Just Re- Decorated This Room In Our Little Bungalow

This is a small bedroom in our Bungalow that we used for an office. Total cost for this room was $92.50 Thank Goodness we have the DI here. I find all kinds of great deals there. I always find Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger,
Laura Ashley,are just a few designers we have run across.
Break down of room.
1. Curtains--- Ralph Lauren brand new $ 5.00
2. Pillows-- $6.00
3. Day Bed from Ikea by way of Garage Sale  including mattress $20.00
4. Comforter DI $5.00
5. Window $14.00 ( I had all of the stuff to Shabby it)
6. Shabby Metal Lace over the window $9.00
7. Crystal Lamps (Got them out of the trash, They are Czech Crystal) $00.00
8. Birds Nest Dish, Enameled Colander, Cover for side table $4.50
9. Rug used and cleaned 10.00
10. 2 gal of Color Place Paint $29.00

Total room make over $92.50

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