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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cover Up

I have been trying to cover one of my sisters Benches for months. These are great benches that we got  free from a very posh hotel in downtown Salt Lake. These benches sat at the end of the beds in the suites.
At the time my sister's daughter worked there (my niece). So we each got several of the benches. Today was going to be the day for sure.  First she had to do a few errands. Ok so I got the stuff together that we were going to need.  My sweet hubby wanted to work on cleaning the furnace so I told him to go ahead that my sister was going to do errands so it might be a while.  She is a little unpredictable  in that department.  So he went up into the attic to work on the furnace.  Next project he had the stove all apart cleaning it. It looks like new.  Tried to call her no answer.  Finally we connect. I am on my way. The phone rings. Our oldest son stressed about something so I talked to him for a while. Called her to tell her I was on the way.  My hubby not feeling well now, sneezing, coughing stuffed up head. Great he has a cold, that he got from my brother-in-law. now it is time for dinner and hubby needs to lay down. So I fix dinner, I call my sister and say I'll be over. It's 6:pm. " No, No its to late."  she said.  It's 6 pm.   I m tired I'm going to bed.  It's true she goes to bed early because she gets up at 0: crack thirty.  Really! she never sleeps past 2 or 3 am. Then she is on the go again. "Lets do it tomorrow"  she said.  OK I hope we can. What time ?  Well I have to go to the Dentist at 9:30 and then stop at the ..........................................       I didn't want to anyway.  Some day I hope to get it done, and when I do I'll post a picture.  As for tomorrow I think I will cover my bench I got free from a very posh................    You know the rest.

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  1. OK, it's been a week...are the benches covered?

    I'm enjoying your posts...your writing style.