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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Now that every thing has calmed down, It is oh to quite here.
 Today is the first day I have been alone in the new house, well not really I have my puppy friends. Who right now are all perched around me on the dinning room floor.
My husband has called me twice since he left for work. I am sure he is delighted to be gone. He is one of the hardest unrelenting working souls ever. He has unpacked and unpacked and there still are boxes in the family room. We still haven't found all the horse tack that we wanted to sell since we sold the horses a month ago.
The chickens are loving their new area. It is much bigger. However, they are sleeping in a LARGE BOX and a LARGE DOG CRATE until we get the new chicken coop built. This is suburbia friends. We have not live in a subdivision in 25yr.  Our house is on the corner so at least I don't feel so cooped up. (no pun intended). Utah, being the friendly folk they are?.  Allow you to have a few chickens in your yard as long as they are hens.
I am looking forward to the new Ward. We have been LDS almost 40 years.  OUTSIDE of Utah This makes a huge difference we found. Unfortunately  not always favorable experience.  I have Hope . The Bishop and The Relief Society have visited in the first few days we were here. They were all so pleasant and I am looking forward to this Sunday.
I have so much to do, so much decorating. The sewing room is first. I have to get it all set up so I can make a shower curtain for the bathroom then it will be done and I can post pictures.
When Spring gets home we are going to look at Dinning Tables. I have not been able to find on that has the sort of kind of chairs I want. So we are just going to get some ideas.
Well Friends, Its time for me to do something before Spring gets here. I had no idea how much I would miss my four grand children, no idea at all. 
Till next time...............................

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