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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Monday, May 14, 2012

Off for a Vacation in Yuma

I am really sort of excited!!.  Going to Yuma in a few hours to see my kids.   We are driving in our new car.  It had 3 miles on it when we got it a month ago. It only has 400 right now.  So my hubby said we need to break in the engine. ( do you still have to do that in this day and age???? ) Anyway its only a 12 hr drive and we are going through Las Vegas and San Diago  (I can't spell it because I have never been there).
I just hope the car ride is not to much for me.  I am having surgery on June 1 so I wanted to see the kids before.  I know we will enjoy it.  We always have a great time and Laugh a lot.  We think we are pretty funny. I know Sarah and I will make some things while I an there.  We want to go to some flea Markets in Calif so we will see.
I will post what we are making.  Because you Know----- I am always making something.


  1. have a wonderful vacation with the family!!!!!


  2. So glad you get to go and see your family! Have fun!