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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Monday, May 21, 2012

2 Blocks South Of Hell

When our son and daughter in law said "This Place is 2 blocks south of HELL" They were not kidding.  This is the hottest hot I have ever felt. I guess you have an adjustment period  of sorts.  The stores are even HOT.   The sweat just pours off of you and then evaporates immediately.  I have a saying I have had for years.  "THIS IS ICKY AND I DO NOT DO ICKY!!  Well, apparently I do because I am here.  The best part is the kids, they are great.  Its a good thing that they have a 35000 sq ft house, because the kids can not play outside in 120* heat.  They keep their house at 80*  So after the first 2 days and a fan.  We were able to deal with the heat. Hubby and son have been working on a Dune Buggy and they have been riding it in the heat by the water canals. They also go at night. it has been fun for the 2 of them. Eddie and I had a ride it was a lot of fun.  We are going home on Tuesday.  I am tired (what else is new?) I just need my own bed.
Our daughter in law is a great cook and such a nice hostess.  Its hard to leave them
but  they will be up in Utah with us in the middle of June. We will have a good time then too.
Most of what Sarah and I have done is sew. Well lets say Sarah did the sewing I was the cheering and Laney diverting section. She knocked out 4 Aprons and they were all out of reclaimed fabric. Here is the best part. Sarah duplicated one of the aprons in Apronology.  It is gorgeous I will post the pictures when I get home.  She is such a good seamstress.  We got to spend a full three hours in the Joann's here.  Such as it is.  The Michael's is awful and they do not have a Hobby Lobby.
There is nothing in the stores here as soon as it hits the shelves it is gone.  I went grocery shopping with Sarah late like 11pm and it was awful. Busy and messy everywhere.  When we got into line she informed the cashier that she had multiple coupons and would be loading the belt accordingly. The cashier rolled her eyes and started throwing things as if to have a tantrum.  Then the front end manager came along and asked if there was a problem. The Cashier answered her in her native tongue.  To which the manager responded "Oh you have one of those"  I was so upset at the way she was treated. When it was all said and done Sarahs total was 247.88.  She only paid 72.33.  So there you go. Yuma Walmart take that.
I really think that the heat gets to everyone. When it was 104 at 1 am thats crazy!!.
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  1. Ohhh my lord - what terrible service at the store ... good for Sarah on the savings though.
    No I don't do ICKY either & the constant heat must be so tiring but that is no excuse for the rudeness at the store, I couldn't imagine the reactions that would start if the cashier DARED to act like this over here ( UK ) she'd be sacked on the spot. SO RUDE !
    I am LOVING Sarah's aprons - what a clever, talented lady she is xxx