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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zombie Chicken???

My sister Lori stopped by the other afternoon.  As she was leaving we glanced out the kitchen window at the garden. Noticing that the it was heavy laden with ripe tomatoes and overly large squash.  Since Lori knew that my hubby would not be around for a few days she offered to go out and pick.  I stood on the patio while she worked on the veggies. After getting all of the ripe vegetables into a basket she walked over to the Chicken Coop to have a look at the Girls.
We only counted five, Hmmm  we have six.  Sooo,  I walked over to the coup, there she was in the box but she was just laying there with her head to one side. " I think she's dead" Lori said in a whisper. I don't know why she whispered, it was just her and I and the girls.  I did not want to, but I walked into the pen and closer to the nesting box, I touched her, nothing, I shook her a bit, her head was flopping but know signs of life.  I started to think hubby left at 9am he fed them it was 2pm and rigger had not set in yet. Kinda like chicken CSI, I was a bit proud of myself, WOW maybe I missed my calling.  Well any way, I walked out of the pen and closed the gate. " I'll call Eddie and tell him, good thing the trash comes tomorrow". I told Lori to take all of the garden goodies home with her my counters were full so she loaded up and we waived to each other. I ran into the bathroom to heavily disinfect my hands of any dead chicken icky, yucky what ever. You get the Idea. EWWWWWW.
I called Eddie and told him the discovery.  He informed me that this particular hen had been broodie for a few days and he made her come out to eat that morning, she was fine. Evidently she must have just crossed over.  He said he would take care of the body when he got home. I had forgotten that it was his early day so he would be home by 4pm. Only 2 hours. I could handle that.
Eddie gets home and gets the chicken body bags out. Well WALMART BAGS, out he goes to bag up the remains.  When he comes back in he is singing "How Great Thou Art"  he also had the grocery bags in his hand. (I threw them away).  I asked him what was going on why are you singing that song. He informed me that I Am A Child Of God  really did not fit the occasion.  "The chicken funeral?" I asked. "No, No funeral" he said. "Why did you bring those bags back in" I asked getting a little ticked off about the bags being back in the house.  "The chicken my dear has not expired, she is Resurrected".  "Really?" I said " Yes" he laughed, "really". 
 So she is either Resurrected or a Zombie, I don't know but she is still laying eggs..................

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  1. oh my gosh, that is hysterical! And to think, you now have inspiration for the zombie doll swap...Little Red Hen! hahaha