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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, July 22, 2012


It has been a great month.  Our daughter in law and 4 grandchildren were here  with us for three weeks. We had so much fun and so much laundry. I would not trade one dirty towel for the best visit ever.  Laney was quite the character she was so excited to see her PaPa .  He was at work when they got here, so she had to wait all day before he came home.  He walked in the door with his hands full and she followed him all the way to the kitchen on his heels saying "Papa you little Papa you, you little Papa"  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. When his arms were emptied she threw herself into him and there she stayed all evening.  How wonderful to be so loved.
The visit however was not without incident.  We hid all writing utensils, we thought.  Laney has pendar  she found a permanent marker.  Great..... she took the liberty to re decorate the laundry room.  I liked it the way I had it, but an up and coming decorator  thought other wise,  she felt that writing in hieroglyphics in permanent marker on the freezer,hot water tank and my brand new washer was appropriate, the dryer was left out due to the stature of the artist.  In other words she could not reach it since it was stacked on top of the washer. my guess is that she loves new things. This summer the washer, last summer the new leather couch.  Mr Clean eraser did a great job on the appliances and the leather man had to come to take care of the couch.  It's all good!
I swear little girls are Hormonal from the day we are born.  Our grand daughter is no exception.  Her Highness Princess Laney Pharabee K. rules the ground YOU stand on!! Of course it is cute, NOW! just wait till she is 12. HAHAHAHAHA.
My son once said to me "I sure hope she doesn't break my heart"  to which I replied " You have a few years start working on it". 
Adam was sad to be alone for so long,  but it did him good.  He had a case he was working on and could not leave,  loneliness can make a man humble.
Sarah left here with a few bags of fabric (14 total).  Why have it if you can't share it Right?

Remember,  Always Making Something......................................

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