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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valetines Day

The day started off good.  Gave sweet hubby his Queen Ann Cherries (YUCK) and a card. Next my sister Lori stopped by and I gave her all of the goodies I had made for her. Rick (my brother on law) and Spence my nephew. Made up my daughters little Cupcake box of goodies. Still nothing from Hubby no card, no salutation. Now my feelings are starting to get a little hurt? or annoyed? I am not sure but it was ridiculous to feel like that.  I always get whatever I want. I don't mean that like a nana nana boo boo thing. I mean we are at the age now that both of us can have most anything we want.  Hubby said lets go have lunch.  Ok lets.
out in the dash board of the car was a lovely gift bag and a beautiful card. Inside the bag the most lovely earring's.  I need to be more grateful.  I love my husband. 
After all 39 years is a very short time to love some one. I need more time to love him. He is the best.
I have had a great time for the last month. I really had fun making the 3 Valentine garlands, table runner, Apron, pigs, and getting Hildie ready for the "Dress Form Ball"  Now it is kind of like after The Prom. So now I have gone back to my list of things to make.  I am going to start with Shamrocks in a few different ways. So in a couple days I will have a new projects done.  Not to forget the Bedroom make over hubby sweet heart is working on.
Remember,   Always Making Something.............................................

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  1. Oh, that puppy is sooo cute! Oh, show us the earrings!! I finally have everything back in order after the ball....Oh, the lingering guest finally left too!