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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Got My Apron And I Love it.

The Flirty Apron Swap:  My Apron came It is beautiful. You have to visit my new friend Cynthia's blog, " and her Etsy Shop
Puddin Tanes Shop.  You will see some of the most beautiful and unique Aprons. Do your self a favor and make a visit. I am so honored to own one. 

You remember the "Home Is A Bit Of Heaven"  THING ?....   Well the latest saga.
We should have been moved into our NEW HOUSE.  Two Days before closing the seller pulled out.  OK it wasn't to be. I truly believe in divine intervention. It wasn't in the plan.  We are good with that.  So on the hunt we went.
Now we have been married almost 39 years and rarely Have I been told no. So when I am told no I need to listen. As the house hunt went It was no, no, and again no. I thought we would never find a house. I thought I was going to be crazy. There is way more to the story than what has been written here.
The fact is the search is over, and after 43 houses we found one.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Till next time.................


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