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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And the Door Bell Rang

I have mentioned this before. Christmas is not my Best Holiday. Its a long story that could most likely is the reason for Therapy. That be never mind.  We will be celebrating just like we do every year.  BUT.....................................................
This year I wanted it to be more like what the season is really about. Not expensive gifts. That produces so much stress and money spent on things. I wanted memories, simple and loving memories.  I spoke with the kids and we are going to have a simple but memorable Christmas.
The Arizona K's are coming to Utah for good food, games, laughs, a trip to the movies and maybe to the Hot Springs in Idaho.
Oh and the doorbell thing.  I hate doorbells. I do not like people at the door that are unexpected. Please call first so we are prepared. By being Prepared I mean being dressed, putting the dogs away, making sure the Family Room is picked up.   Simply things that make me feel like I am prepared even though I was not.
Tonight the door bell rang twice within 40 min. First, our Home Teacher who we dearly love and enjoy every moment we spend with him each month. He brought a lovely gift. The dogs were out, I was folding towels all over the place and dishes sitting on the table. I am sure he did not notice. Not more than 5 min they may have even had a fender bender in the drive way. The Doorbell rings and 3 lovely ladies from the Relief Society dropped by with a fabulous basket of Christmas Goodies. Nothing had changed. Dogs, laundry. They were Sisters I have never met all new to the Ward. It was such a pleasure to meet them.
The Doorbell is really not such a bad thing. It sometimes yields blessings. Prepared or not. It is about the people not about STUFF.


  1. me too! I mean I dont like people just showing up either..

  2. I like the simpler Christmases better than the big to do ones. I hope yours is a memorable one for you.