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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holidays Then And Now

My Sister and I were making plans for the up coming holiday, reminiscing about when we were younger.  Doing so we realized just how lax we have been.
In the good old days  we wore our Sunday cloths to Thanksgiving Dinner at our grandparents home. Grandma set the table with a beautiful linen table cloth and matching napkins that she brought with her from Germany. She then got out the China and real silverware also from the old country. My dad and uncles would go up stairs to get all of  four leaves of the Duncan Fief table and the extra chairs.
The Table was stunning. Me, my sisters, and my cousins would just look at how beautiful everything was. All of the daughter in laws were in the kitchen helping with the plating of the serving dishes. There were 20 of us at the table. 12 very well behaved grandchildren, because we knew our parents would not tolerate it.
More over our Grandfather would not put up with any shenanigans period. We had ultimate respect for our grandparents and we loved them.
After dinner while all the moms cleared the table and did dishes (before dishwashers) they put the dishes back into the china cabinet very carefully.
Grandpa put on the German records on his beautiful Stereo. He kept his Vinyl and his stereo as pristine as the china and silver.  The furniture in the special living room was gorgeous, The couch was White Brocade, a Red chair with 3 inch bullion all across the bottom, walnut end and coffee tables wth glass over the top of them. In the corner was a walnut corner table and on ether side were 2 Grey leather chairs with nail heads a round the edges.  All of it was covered in PLASTIC!!!! of course that was the norm back then. Oh wait I almost forgot. Under the coffee table was a White Calf skin that grandma had stuffed the head with news paper and put 2 blue marbles for the eyes, all of the grand kids loved that calf skin. We would sit and pet it for hours. It was a holiday and we got to be in the special living room listing to German Music some of it was marches some was beer drinking music and we sang along in German.
So this year we are going back to the old traditions, we are dressing up decking the table and everyone will get a cleanup assignment. We don't have the German Music but we do have old movies that we all love.  MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, 
GOOD SAM, YOU'VE GOT MAIL, and a deck of cards. I am looking forward to it. The Good Old Days YEAH!!!

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