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Zombies in the Nursery

Zombies in the Nursery


Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Lemony Snicket Life It Is!

 The title of this Blog says it all.  I am sure that there are those of you out there that feel the same way.

I have told my Adult children that the Wand I used for the last half century, is some where that the sun no longer SHINES!

Having said that, I do have a lovely family. The Holiday's were FABULOUS, really they were.  The 2 months before the celebratory months were a bit of a ruff road. We got through it, because that is what families do.

We had our oldest grand daughter for a full two weeks.  We have never met her until now, she grew up in Honduras, and our son was finally able to find her here in the US. We were all so happy and excited to have her here with us. What a lovely young woman.  She is kind and caring and so happy to have her daddy in her life.  It is really a  blessing.  

Then our son and daughter-in-law and the grand kids, came for New Years, they stayed for a week and she went home with them for a week. Now she is back in California with her mom.  We will get to see her for Spring Break.

While they were all here, my son was cleaning up the kitchen, there was some dried spaghetti noodles on a pot. He was scrubbing the pot and one of the dry noodles went under his thumb nail all the way to the cuticle. We tried to get it out it was way  to painful. So off to the  Urgent Care we went, to have a Spaghetti noodle removed. It had begun to soften due to his body heat.  The Doctor had to lift the nail to remove the NOODLE.  Who does this happen to? I mean really? Fortunately, it was Angel Hair Pasta.  Now we buy Linguini instead. 

                         Family, It's Who You For Dinner.

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  1. So happy to hear you were surrounded by such a lovely and loving family!